Purdue University-Main Campus Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are hardworking because Purdue takes a lot of hard work. They are very friendly and we all work together. We like to stick together as classmates because it's easier to get by, especially if you have friends in your classes.


Most of my classmates are intelligent and friendly.


My classmates are some of the most creative and fun people I have ever met.


My classmates are very aceeptable of everything that is thrown on the table and open to everyone they meet.


My classmates are outspoken, involved, and present.


My classmates are typical Americans; diverse, music loving people who just want to succeed and enjoy their college experiences.


The students at Purdue are intelligent and friendly but have a great time partying on the weekends.


My classmates are smart and driven.


My classmatea are rather driven in their studies.


There are a ton of people in most of my classes. Many are either of the Asain ethnicity or in a fraternity or sorority.


They are dedicated to studying and learning, but also know how to have a good time.


A clip of me discussing the student body at Purdue and who generally finds success or failure. It discusses some of the stereo types and social norms.


My classmates are unique, multicultured, and knowledgeable.


Students at Purdue are very focused on their academics and future careers, and so classmates can be competetive at times; each student is striving to make themselves stand out to potential employers.


My classmates are smart, focused, and motivated to suceed in school and ultimatley in life.


My classmates are all focused on their careers, however they know how to let go and have safe fun.


My classmates were energetic, fun, smart, and willing to learn, but they knew how to have a good time as well.


My classmates tend to be really close acquaintances, and many of them I meet through class, whether it be Engineering Problem-Solving, English, or Entomology? I like forming groups, because my team always ends up looking like we have the most fun out of all the others. We exchange cell numbers and sometimes look each other up on facebook and then we're stuck as good acquaintances forever. I find that if I am open and outgoing, I meet all sorts of people who have at least the professor to make fun of behind his or her back in common.


My classmates are smart, loyal and proud to be Boilermakers!


My classmates are friendly, open, and easy to talk to.


They are a bunch of cheaters, band keeps me together.


Students at Purdue university are dedicated and driven to succeed.




Extremely diverse. You get the chance to meet people from all over the world. Everyone is pretty open-minded. Purdue is 58% male, 42% female. There are students from all fifty states and over 130 countries although 67% of students are from Indiana. Nearly 80% of Purdue's students receive financial aid.


My classmates are very diverse group of people from different states and nations. They are all very friendly and are easy to befriend.


They are very friendly people who are fun to be with.


Incredibly studious, most of their time are studying and do not have too much time do many extracurricular activities.


Purdue students are generally driven/career focused, but REALLY know how to have a good time.


The other students I have met through class and student organizations have been tremendously diverse, coming from countless backgrounds, and each has added to the melting pot that is Purdue University to make it more rounded and tolerant to a variety of ideas and perspectives.


My classmates are studious, nice, friendly people that also like to have a good time.


My classmates are hard working people who are willing to try their best to get good grades in their classes.


It is a variety of people here.


In my math classes, everyone is really smart.


Classmates are a wide range of people and backgrounds. From all over the country, all kinds of socio-economic types, and you can always find someone to get along with in class.


The student body is very spirited at Purdue. Sporting events are very popular and people really get excited for big games. Purdue apparel is common around campus as well. Most students come from Indiana and the surrounding states but there is also a large group of exchange students from overseas.


Focused, motivated, passionate, and full of pride.


Most are focused, driven, and hard-workers; many are international students; We all work together on homework assignments and projects


Most of my classmates where the country folk, hick type from small town, small minded Indiana.


Top Ten Things That Comes to Mind About Purdues Student Body: 1. International Students 2. Motivated (for the most part) 3. Outspoken 4. Smart :) 5. Huge dining courts (one one every street corner!) 6. Plenty of housing choices 7. Hundreds of clubs to get involved in 8. Student run events (talent shows, dance shows, International events) 9. Jimmy Jones 10. Laid back students-honest


My classmates are very nice, helpful, and will give me advice when I ask for it.


Diverse. Mostly spirited (though sometimes I wish a little more). Fun. I had a monkey and banana run through one of my classes the other day. My friend had the Burger King prance down the stairs of her lecture, follow the lecturing professor around, and propose to someone via burger. It was Halloween, but the monkey and banana show up at basketball games and have been known to support Purdue Student Government politics.

Matt Bartlett

As I stated earlier, the student body overall is very caring, as well as enthusiastic. Students are always wearing black and gold around the campus, and before and after a big football or basketball game the campus is an exciting place to be. The school spirit is awesome here!


There is great international diversity at Purdue but not a whole lot of geographic or racial diversity otherwise. Most students are from the Midwest, especially Indiana, Illinois, and Ohio. Purdue is a large school, however, and if you want to find a certain group of people, it's likely you can find them somewhere on campus. There truly is a little bit of everything. Overall, the student body is friendly, studious, and relaxed. One thing that is lacking compared to many other college campuses is activism. There are a few outspoken groups, but for the most part there are very few demonstrations, political rallies, etc. on campus. One of my favorite parts about Purdue is that during the week, students are relaxed and do not wear fancy clothes to class. Most people wear jeans and a sweatshirt or something similar (depending on the season!).


Purdue has an extremely diverse campus. We have one of the largest international student populations in the nation and with our many study abroad/exchange programs I think the only kind of student that would feel out of place is someone opposed to experience new things. Although it seems like most PU students are either from Indianapolis of Chicago, it's college so wear whatever you want. Grunge your way to class in sweats and flip-flops or throw on a collard shirt and nice pants. For a college campus Purdue is very conservative, have no worries though there are plenty of opportunities and organizations for all political views.


Everyone is attentive in class.

Marie Curie

This university has perhaps the highest percentage of international students, yet there is very little cultural diversity. That is because the vast majority of the students are either white conservative-leaning midwestern kids, or international graduate students from India and China. That is not real cultural diversity. On a being a woman at this university: If you are in an engineering department, you will have to work against academic isolation. There are relatively few women in Engineering and interactions tend to take the tone "I might like to date you" rather than, "Let's form a study group." This tendency to interact with you on the basis of your gender causes isolation and puts you at a disadvantage in classes where it really helps to team up. For example, its a big help to have people you can get the notes from if you miss a class. I found that students tended to clump together into study groups along ethnic lines: a group of chinese students, a group of Muslim Indian students, Hindu Indian students, etc. I don't think there is anything wrong with this per se, but I did find such grouping made it more difficult for me to form study groups. I believe that other schools may achieve more real diversity -- cultural, religious, economic, etc, and that there may be more mixing of students at such schools.


They all seem like normal people...as far as engineers are normal...lol.


They are some of the best friends I've ever had.


My classmates are hard-working during the week and hard-partying during the weekends.


There is no just way to describe 40,000 students as one people when everyone is so different.

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