Purdue University-Main Campus Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about my school would be the amount of people who do not try to get involved in a diverse range of clubs/activities. I believe that being involved in a wide range of activites makes you grow as a person by opening your perspective to see a wider view. This new view will allow you to get along with many different types of people and better understand your community.


The worst thing about Purdue is the residence hall Meredith. It is entirely outdated, small, and has so many complications.


Nothing I loved everything about Purdue.


While there are not many cons, Purdue, in my opinion, has rather unfair prices when comparing in-state students to out-of-state and international students. The latter especially have significantly less scholarships available to them, even though they are paying the most.


Purdue overall is a great campus. Everyone is very friendly and accommidating. The "worst" thing would probably be that not all residence halls have a dining court so you might have to walk to get to one and also the food is on a four week schedule so it can get a little repetitive. However, it's really not that bad and you get used to it.


One of the not so great things is that there is not much career or internship help for non-engineering majors, especially those in health related majors


The worst thing about my school is that it is on the top 10 for the toughest graders and one of the hardest schools to get an A; however, that may also be one of the best aspects about Purdue. When I got accepted into Purdue Pre-pharmacy program, I did not think much of it. However, now I truely realize that it is a huge accomplishment. Hence there really is nothing bad to say about Purdue. I love it.


I think the worst part of the school is the amount of plain brick looking buildings there are on campus. Although the campus tries to implement decorations and plants, there is still work to be done.


I would consider the worst thing is the amount of people, it is becasuse you do not have the personal connection with all your professors.


One of the most frustrating things is the course order. It may happen that if you cannot get a course you will have to wait a year to take it again.


The off campus parking becomes easily crowded.


Construction! Purdue constantly has some sort of construction project going on, whether it's the new REC center, road repair, sidewalk widening, or a new building going up. They block the roads off and it makes it really dangerous for both pedestrians and drivers.


The gigantic size, and poor class scheduling. My batchmates and I would speedwalk from the BME building to Armstrong three times a week, for 2 or 3 semesters. We had fifteen minutes to do it, and were invariably late to class, or had to leave one early. We missed announcements and homework submissions and the trek can get tiring in the snow!


The least likable thing about Purdue are the living quarters. The dorms are all over thirty to forty years old and only a couple have air conditioning. One can tell that they are extremely aged, and they are at least a ten to fifteen minute walk to the beginning of campus. The RA's do not enforce curfew rules very well or mediate between roommate disagreements well, which can be extremely distracting for those students who are comitted to studying.


I would prefer more amenties on campus


The worst thing about Purdue is that it is very cold for a lot of the year. The good times happen in the summer and its fantastic. Then comes winter and It is a long grind to get through. Most residence halls are far from acedemic campus for freshman so it discourages them from coming to class sometimes. Also this college (Purdue) is very expensive for out of state residents compared to the in state cost.


The worst part about Purdue is the poor snow removal on campus. The machines try to brush the snow off of the side walk leaving a polished layer of ice to walk on. The snow removal is not very good and it is a little dangerous to walk or drive around campus after a snow falls.


It is just too big of a school for my preferences, but I know it will end up well.


The worst thing about Purdue is the number of students that believe that alcohol is the best way to fit in and have fun.


On campus housing and parking. The housing quality is very poor because landlords know they can get away with it. Students are forced to accept it for the convenience. On campus parking is also very limited.


Limited parking, because sometimes it gets hard to find spots to park and most street parking is either 1 or 2 hours


There are not very many negative aspects of Purdue University. The one thing that I could complain about would be financial aid. There is a lot of aid available but I feel like the money is unevenly distributed. Some students receive full rides and even receive extra money for living expenses while others do not receive any scholarships at all. I personally have kept a very high GPA throughout my college career and receive a minimal amount of aid. I think that college is a good investment but financially the school could disperse their funds better.


The worst thing about Purdue is that all of the buildings look the same the first week you are there. It is very confusing to navigate through for the directionally challenged, but only until you get a map or some kind of an idea. It really is not that difficult and is a beautiful place to be!


The school is pretty close-minded and many of the jobs on campus are only availble to those who qualify for work-study programs.


Personally, I do not enjoy walking to class in the cold, snow, wind, or rain. Classes are far apart, especially if the class is on the other side of campus. It takes a lot of time and it is uncomfortable to walk in certain weather conditions. However, Purdue has a pretty good bus system.


The worst thing about Purdue University is its constantly changing weather. I am from New Jersey where the weather tends to stay constant throughout the day, however at Purdue it can be hot and sunny one minute then cold and rainy the next.


The worst thing about my school is having to eat at the dining courts. Most people love it but I would rather have my own kitchen and make what I want to eat.


The worst thing about Purdue University is the elevators breaking sometimes, there really isn't anything wrong with Purdue that I can think of.


The worst thing about Purdue is how far it is away from my home


The water is bad here. It smells like rotten eggs and is very hard.


Although it is a large campus, it doesn't feel like you are in a city. You can't really walk to anything.


The worst thing about my school was the teachers for the basic classes that all majors had to take. Many of the TA's were international students with poor English communication skills which made learning difficult.


The worst thing about my school is by far the cost of tuition. I have lived in Indiana my entire life and had no other financial options but to attend a state school. However, it turns out that the in-state tuition for Indiana is ridiculous. To attend an in-state university is costing me almost 22,000 dollars a year. In today's economy it is almost impossible to afford that amount every single year. The financial burden of attending Purdue's main campus is by far the biggest issue I face as a student today.


The worst thing about my school, with being a freshman, is the hours for the dining halls. There is a limited number of hours we are allowed to eat, and sometimes you have class that interferes with those given times. They also don't provide meals on Sunday nights, which forces you to either buy some expensive food at the local university sponsored market, or buy food from an off-campus restaurant.


The worst thing about Purdue university is when you have a question and you call an office . They always send you to a different office and most of the time they tell you to call the office that you just got off the phone with. You usually spend a good half hour dialing numbers because no one can answer your question.


The school puts a high focus level on research, and the professors tend to be research oriented. Having their focus level on research instead of academics can hurt a person's educational experience. However, most professors can tackle both aspects very well, so I believe this is a great university.


Academically there isn't really anything. There aren't many things that I dislike about Purdue University's Main Campus. When we're trying to create our schedules it can be very confusing, as I imagine it is at many other universties. However, it's not very easy to get in contact with advisors to help you. That's really one of the only things I dislike.


Purdue is a great school but like everything else it has flaws and in my opinion the worst thing about Purdue is the fact that other than academics and sports there really isnt a whole lot of things for the under 21 crowd to do. Sure you can hang out with friends, which is alot of fun, but can become boring after a time.


The worst thing about Purdue is the large number of students in majority of the lectures. I like having a smaller group and one on one time with the professor/ instructor. It helps me to learn better and I understand what is being taught a lot easier. It also makes meeting people in your class easier, which helps with homework and studying.


The worst thing about my school is the parking. There is not enough for people with cars to park on campus. There is always a fight for a parking space, and if there is not one then one must park at least three blocks away and walk to the place of residence.


its perfect.


Parking, especially if you are a visitor or just a student who does not want to waste money on a parking pass where you still have to walk 15 minutes just to get to a building.


Coming from a small school consisting of about five hundred students to a very large university is a huge adjustment. The very first class I had here at Purdue had almost four hundred people in it, I couldn't believe I was going to be here for the next four years. I was very nervous about having such large classes but after the semester ended I realized it was not a big deal and I can handle it now.


The worst thing about Purdue is the location. West Lafayette is a very small town and there is not much to do unless you are 21. It is very much a college town and everything is based around Purdue. Also, the greek system at Purdue is huge and at times it seems that if you are not part of the greek community that you are almost an outcast.


As an underclassman, you get put into big lecture classes with professors who can barely speak english. It gets better as each semester goes on but the first year is very tough to get by without getting very frustrated with your professors.


the scheduling program for classes. too difficult and complacated to just get into a class! TA's are not as active. sometimes makes student uncomfortable to as questions. Bus system is very inconvenient. does not go around late enough or not enough busses for later time.


The worst thing about my school is that sometimes it is very hard to register for classes you need. Also, on such a big campus with so many students, it is often hard to make time to meet with counselors.


I think the price is the worst thing with Purdue. It is one of the best engineering schools in the country and out of state tuition is much higher than in state.


The worst thing is the same most everywhere, tuition costs which are going up everywhere.


The stress level is borderline unhealthy