Purdue University-Main Campus Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Purdue is a very big and diverse school and that can seem daunting at first glance. I am a naturally shy and introverted person, but I really found a place at Purdue and branched out. There are so many students to align with because of its diversity. Purdue helped me open up my eyes to what else is out there outside of what I was used to being around in my small town in central Indiana. I would've flourished in a small school, but I did amazing at a big campus, too. Purdue is home. Boiler Up!


The type of person who can work well under pressure. Here at purdue it can be overwhelming with the size of lectures and the speed of the lessons. This person must also be interactive and hands on, because we interact with companies often.


Purdue University is an amazing school, it is filled with people who are strong-willed, determined, and persistant. Someone who wants to be successful at Purdue must prove to themselves and anyone else that they are willing to work hard and strive to be the best they can be. The person who should attend this campus should be confident and willing to step out of their comfort zone to be apart of bigger and better things. Purdue is such a diverse campus it is hard not to get involved with all the clubs and people around you.


Purdue is for very driven, goal -oriented people. The classes are difficult and will not be easy to pass. If the student wants a challenge it will be perfect. They should be able to thrive in social situations yet not be taken by them. They need to have good time management skills and be able to choose what is more important to their future.


The people that should attend this school are the ones who are proactive, involved, passionate about a cause or hobby, and open minded. Because of the diversity here, people should be comfortable or be open minded to a mix of many different cultures and beliefs. Those who enjoy every season of the year would love it here because Purdue's weather really has distinct seasons. People who don't mind walking everywhere are also welcome here, as it is a large campus.


A students who is willing to put in the extra time and effort to succeed academicly. This type of student would need to be self-motivated and determined.


I think a person seeking adventure and opportunities should definitely attend this school! There are so many different activities to get involved in here and it's really a great way to meet people!


Engineers, definitely, because the school has a really strong program for that. But honestly, anyone can come here. Purdue has a very diverse student body, ranging from international students (from pretty much every country you can imagine) to out-of-state students to locals who have lived here their entire lives. Every type of personality fits here, too. It's kind of a free-for-all, but I like it that way.


Any person should attend Purdue University. This college is the number one college in diversity in the nation, thus creating an environment any student can feel comfortable in. The campus is large, but is set up so it is easy to navigate. There are infinite clubs and activities to participate in, so students will easily create a "home away from home" at the college.


A dedicated person who is really willing to work and put the time into learning should attend this school. Tuition is too high to not take school seriously and waste your money. Internships, graduate schools, and prospective jobs really look at GPA and experiences to see if you'd be a good fit. This school has a lot of classes that rely on independent learning outside of class, so you have to be willing to try to teach yourself or go in to ask questions if you want to do well in the class.


Those who attend Purdue University must be determined and goal-oriented. One should be confident, courageous, and excited to pursue his or her future through learning, experimenting, and persevering. Therefore, Purdue students should be adventurous, willing to step out of the comfort zone to make life-long friendships and to grasp life-changing oppurtunites. Purdue students are chanllenged, they are tormented with exams and projects. Purdue students run on Starbucks coffee and five hours of sleep. But through battling the elements while walking to class and struggling to cram at the last second, Purdue students are Boilermakers, built to last.


It's hard to cram such a diverse campus into 100 words. Its good to be open minded because you will incounter people unlike yourself. Purdue is a hidden gem with lots to do and fun to be had, but when it comes time to study we get it done.


Someone who wants to challenge themselves academically and who is wanting to expand their education to help achieve their future goals. Also, Purdue is huge on greek life which allows people to make great connections, which not only benefit them while at school, but for the future.


I feel like everyone should attend Purdue University. Although it is fairly large; students from small towns with graduation classes of 25 to big city schools with graduating classes of 1,000 or more all attend Purdue and feel at home. A word to describe Purdue is diverse, which is why saying everyone should attend Purdue is not overshooting the kind of person who attends Purdue. Male, female, big, small, city, country, rural, urban, suburban, low class, middle class, upper class, only child, oldest, youngest... each is the kind of person you would see walking down the street at Purdue.


I believe that a person who is genuinely interested in bettering their life and succeeding academically should attend Purdue University. I am thrilled with my choice, and the experiences I have gained. I never have to find the motivation to get to class, I just go. I love my professors and love the variety of classes available for everyone to take. Sure it sounds cliche, but Purdue has made learning fun for me.


Someone who should attend thi school is someone who is dedicated to school, knows what they want and is willing to work hard to go after it. If you want to become and engineer, a scientist, do something with agriculture, business, or pretty much anything should attend but must know that you have to wok really hard to be here. It's tough getting in but completely worth it.


Someone who is willing to work hard and is striving for excellence in all they do. Someone who understands the value of academics, and enjoys Big Ten sports.


A student that attends Purdue should be ready for one of the most exciting experiences. The school itself is tough and rigid academic school so one must be ready to work when they attend this university. We have plenty of different types of studies here at Purdue and each one is just as prestigous as the next. However, this is a University so the classes are tough and require work but you are working along side students who are interested in the same material you are so you are never alone.


An individual who is open to new experiences. Someone who loves to meet new people and step out of their comfort zone. The individual should also be hard working and focused in order to succeed in this school. Purdue is a lovely place and has many opportunities to get a good education which will in turn be recognized by others. Students need to realize that along with a social life education comes first.


At Purdue Univeristy, anyone can be successful. The most successful people have characteristics that include: an outgoing personality and a compassion for school. If an out-going student attends Purdue, they will have no problem fitting in. That person will be able to find a good group of friends and enjoy hanging out with them when he isn't focusing on school. The person also must be compassionate about school to keep up on the work-load and receive good grades. If the student already understands studying is essential, his grades will be outstanding.


Purdue is a great school that has niches for people from every background and culture. People that should attend purdue is not just limited to engineers, but anyone willing to work hard, be outgoing, and have some fun while doing so.


A person that is hardworking and looking for a university that will provide them with a strong degree in their field of studies. Also, a student who is looking to meet many people from all over the United States and the world. I just met a girl from California, who just moved onto my floor this week. Purdue is a great place for someone who is academically focused, but also wants to enjoy their time that they have in college.


The type of person that should attend Purdue University would honestly be someone who is ready to study. Purdue's courses can be rigorous but at the same time there are so many people who can help. There are so many resource rooms that people can go to for help. Whoever may come here should also be ready to have some of the greatest encounters. Purdue is diverse and offers so many oppurtunities. Whoever comes here should be ready to experience different, yet amazing, oppurtunities.


-academically oriented person focused on science or scientific application


Someone who is highly motivated to learn on their own, knows how to use Google, and wants to do research or pursue higher education.


Someone who is very outgoing and and social. Purdue is a very big school with a lot of people. There are so many extracirricular activities available that if you're not into getting involved you probably don't want to come here. Purdue is also very high in academics, so if you're a hard worker this is the college for you. It's also good if you're into sports. You don't have to play them, but just getting into the school spirit. Football and men's basketball are a big deal here.


Anyone can attend this school. It does not take a certain person to come here. Just make sure they have a good work ethic because you need to work hard to play hard here.


One thing I've realized in the past couple of years of attending Purdue is that there are A LOT of smart people here. Getting by with your smarts isn't probably going to work.


Engineering and academically oriented.


Anyone can attend this campus it is a very welcoming place.


There isn't just one type of person that should attend this school. There are a variety of people. We have a huge Greek system, so a lot of people are in sororities and fraternities. Others are stereotypical "nerds" who focus on studying and World of Warcraft. Then there are the agricultural majors, and those students are rednecks. Also, as evidenced by myself, everyone at this school is very judgemental.


A highly self motivated person.


Anyone and everyone is welcomed here, this university is all about diversity. There are all kinds of people, may it be differences in race, gender, sexual orientation, etc.




Purdue is a school for the well-rounded student. It is both academically challenging while also giving fun oppourtunities. This is not a school for someone is looking to only have fun in college. Students here are academically driven to succeed but are also able to have fun. There is a good balance of everything on campus.


Any kind of person looking for a great school.


anyone who wants a good job after college


I think someone who loves big schools and likes football should attend Purdue. Also, our school's pretty big on partying as well as the arts.


People who are serious about school, and success, and their careers should attend Purdue.


Somebody who wants to have a good balance of fun and education. They should like a bigger campus, but expect to see people they know nearly every day walking around the campus. They should be interested in extra-curricular activities. They should be accepting of other cultures and non-discriminatory or judgmental of people with different opinions.


Liberals and frat-boys


A student looking for a great education in order to have many wonderful job opportunities after graduation.


The university is very large, resulting in a number of strengths and weaknesses. There are countless social and extracirricular groups, allowing nearly everyone an outlet to externalize their interests with others. However, some people may prefer a smaller university, offering a more personalized education. I feel the university is best suited to confident, academically strong students with a genuine interest to learn. Students should be prepared to seek assistance from professors and other students when confronted with academic struggles.


Anyone. There are excellent programs for very goal-oriented people, and there are great classes and degrees for people not sure. There is a vast diversity of people, so I don't think it is possible to go to Purdue and NOT find someone that you have something in common with. It may be a large school, but it's great because you won't feel like you don't belong.


hardworking and goal oriented. If you choose to attend Purdue University you will be pleasantly surprised at what it offers. But you also have to keep in mind that it takes hard work to succeed here.


The people who attend this school need to be driven and willing to go above and beyond in order to succeed. There is a lot of academic competition for various positions and majors and whoever goes here needs to be able to cope with a lot of stress and pressure from their respective field. They also need to be open to others from different backgrounds because we are a very diverse campus.


A person who is well-focused, driven, spirited and not in need of one-on-one attention all the time is the type of person who should attend this school.


A student who wants to learn and be prepared for the workplace.


I think Purdue is a kind of place that any type of person would like to go. If I would have to decribe a type it would be hard working, open minded and independent. They would also have to be able to put up with this bipolar Indaina weather.


Purdue is very open to all kinds of students. If you have a strong work ethic and want a great education, Purdue is the school for you. There are also many social and athletic opportunities here.