Queens University of Charlotte Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


Limited college athletics due to the size of the school.


I Think the most frustrating thing would be the cost to attend.


Well I arrived o the school to play tennis, but the tennis program they have it´s just not as good as I thought it wuld be. The school is very small but with an excellent location in a major city, but still I fill I don´t get the full "college-student" experience, in which was one of my major points which I decided of attendng a college in the US.


The most frustrating thing when I attended was that class schedules were sometimes very limited because the faculty size was not that large. It has grown since I graduated, though, so I'm sure this has been somewhat worked out.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the school spirit is lacking. Most of the sports games have very few people in attendance at them. The school does a good job trying to promote school spirit, but not very many people follow through. I've heard that school spirit picks up during homecoming week for basketball, but I think the students should have school spirit at every other game as well.


Students don't want to learn they just want to get the right answer for the test