Queens University of Charlotte Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about my school is the teacher to student ration, because it allows more individual focused learning/teaching.


The academic advisors truly care about your needs as a student.


The fact that the school is small but it is also private is the best thing. You do not have a classroom with hundreds of students. Plus, you can have a good relationship with your teachers so you can always meet your professor face to face for help needed in the class. Not too many college or universities can say that.


The programs available to students here are amazing. We have an International program that almost all students participate in at the end of their junior year. We also have mandatory internships that need to be completed in order to graduate. These things are unique to Queens and a huge part of why I chose to come here.


The best thing about Queens University of Charlotte is the student-professor interaction. They are truly engaged in each of the student's academic success and wish to see every person do their best. They are always available for help and are willing to drop the things they need to sdo in order to assist a student.


The location. Because the school is in Charlotte, there are a lot of things to experience. We use many areas around Charlotte for class field trips, internships, and it enhances our social life. It just enhance the school in general.


The ability to be involved. We have a lot of extra-curriculars for such a small school.


Queens is a university that allows students to be themselves. We feel comfortable asking questions in class and later discussing or teaching others what we have just learned. The administration knows students by name and is available to speak with and help students if they have any concerns. The university provides plenty of groups, clubs, sports teams, and other extra-curricular activites for students to participate in. Queens is a unique campus and the atmosphere stimulates creativity and enthusiasm among professors and students. I feel at home at Queens and my classmates have become great life-long friends.