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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


stop skipping school and start taking college classes as your electives! and pay attention in math class!


I would tell myself that these next 4 years of my life would be the most important years in dictating the rest of my life. It is very important to put yourself in a position to succeed. Going off to college and not having your parents around for the first time presents opportunity to lose focus on what's important. As it is important to make friends to feel comfortable at your new school, it is more important to make friends who aren't going to hinder you from achieving your goals. I learned that everyone in college isn’t there for their education. A good way to stay focused is to get involved in your school. Student Leadership is a great way to do so. Being a student leader teaches you a lot about teamwork, leadership, and responsibility. In addition, growing your network around campus gives you different avenues for future placement. Most of the faculty/staff around school campuses have connections to the workforce, and could be the difference when seeking that dream job you just spent four years of your life working towards. Lastly, be your own number one fan and have confidence to be great.


listen/learn/ absorb


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a senior I would be amazed, since i was one of many who didnt get the chance to see the inside of a school for senior year. I would have to go back to my junior year. Even so with a chance to go back i would stress to myself to enjoy life more and to not have been so hard on my self back then, but at the same time, be hard on myself about other things. In school i was Very hard on myself when it came to sports and i believed that sports was going to be my way out. When it came to school work, I slacked, but got it done. I use to be the class clown and always getting into trouble. If i could go back i would only educate myself on what it is going to be in the future as far as my life goes. Without the life i lived i wouldnt have the drive that i do now. I would have told myself " never give up on something that will determine you later".


The intellectual aspect is not the only important aspect of college life. The social aspect will in many cases be essential to a successful college career. Avoid choosing a college simply for the prestige of academic programs. Instead, consider the social environment of the campus and try to assess how well that environment will meet your social needs. Many of the most important lessons I have learned in college have been outside of the classroom. Furthermore, college is a unique opportunity for growth, both intellectually and socially. To make the most of this opportunity, you will have to engage in unfamiliar and challenging situations. The trick is to challenge yourself without overwhelming yourself. This balance is difficult to achieve and is one of the many lessons that college will teach you even if never makes an appearance in class. You will at time fail to maintain this balance and you will have other failures (usually all at once), but the college environment is often more forgiving than you expect. If you build relationships with your professors, they will often make accommodations for difficult circumstances.


As I stepped into the pass I saw myself senior year. I ran up to myself and yelled, ?Enjoy your high school year while you can because all sorts of new pressures are going to come!? My passed self looked at me in surprised I gulped in air and said, ?I don?t have much time but here are some things you need to know before you start college. You need get a better study habit, create several and see which one works best for you. Have good time management, read the directions carefully before you start writing that paper and don?t snack on junk food all the time! The most important look up scholarships and apply to the ones that fit you. You will not regret this later. For the sooner you start the better.? Then all of a sudden my time was up my passed self faded before my eyes and I was back in the present and nothing had changed. Darn it, it was just a dream.