Richland College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Richland College has provided a very pleasant school experience so far. Being a community college and having an Associate's Degree Program, it provides the availability for any kind of student of any age or ethnicity. The teachers are very helpful, understanding, and truly want you to succeed in your career goals. It has helped me transition greatly and I highly recommend it to any future college student who does not want to go straight to a university.


My school is a community college located in Dallas, TX with a plethora of individuals from all cultural backgrounds.


My school is such a nice relaxed atmosphere that it makes me want to be in class and on campus.


Richland Community College are best known for providing students with best educations for low intuitions so anyone in our community can have an opportunity to attend the college


My school is has a bvry comfortable atmosphere. You can study and hang out with your friends and will not be disturbed.


Richland College is....a plethora of ideas, quiet places, phenomenal instructors, and great friends to be made.