Richland College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about Richland is the staff, from teachers, librians, advisors to all the students. I will hate to leave Richland because its a great college and everyone cares.


The best thing about my school would probably be my Biology teacher, Jennifer Gilley. Professor Gilley has been the most helpful to me during my time at Richland, and she has been the only science teacher I have had that has made me understand why things happen the way they do.


I consider the instructors to be the best thing about the school. The instructors typically either have a current career or have had a successful career in their field, which allows them to pass along real-life knowledge to the students.


I like the ability to take classes online. This enables me as a single mom to not only work, spend time with my children, and manage my own schedule.