Roberts Wesleyan College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


This is a predominately Christian college. I feel that there is diversity among social classes but there isn't a great deal of acceptance if you don't fall in their definition of Christian. Most students wear casual clothes. Students are involved in many of the issues facing the world today and a great deal of community service is performed.


My classmates are very real and down-to-earth people. I mostly hang out with the nursing students, and all of them are great people who have a passion for nursing and for making a difference in the life of someone else. All of the people I have met at Roberts, though, are amazing people who are nice and friendly.


My fellow classmates at Roberts are all very different. At first I thought that that was going to be a bad thing but then I realized otherwise. The diversity really helps you to determine who and where you want to be.




My classmates are friendly, empathetic, and willing to help others in need.


My classmates are highly motivated individuals that are dedicated to success and live life to the fullest!


My classmates are hardworking, spiritual individuals who take their studies seriously.


Pretty much your average students. For the most part they are hard workers and care about their grades.