Roberts Wesleyan College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about the school is the size. While small is sometimes good, you do not have enough options when it comes to picking your class and picking your professor.


I guess the dining hall could be better. I wish that there were more open hours. Running between classes and trying to squeeze in a meal is difficult because lines are so long since the dining hall only has meals available for a couple hours at a time.


The worst thing about my school is most of the hypocritical students as well as the faculty that promote Christianity. I know that everyone doesn't have a christian or religious background. Most of those that do come from such a background who promote the word of God, but secretly lives contradictory to what they supposely live for. My initial reason for wanting to attend Roberts Wesleyan College was to hopefully strengthen my relationship with God. Sadly no progress has happen since my arrival here. There are many here that I have met who are truly committed to God.


The worst thing about my school is the school spirit. Some students do not care about the school. Often it is hard for student leaders and teachers to motivate students to be excited about the school.


The worst thing about the schoo. is the cost. If your parents are paying for college, then disregard the rest of this statment. The financial aide department is great about helping you make it through school, but now I'm up to my nose in debt. Most four-year colleges are like that these days, but I would recommend going to a community college first, or working for a year before college. Also, work on weekends or mornings at a part-time job. That provides you with some spending money as well as helping you pay as you go.


The worst thing about my school is that there are so many strict rules. Throwing parties is prohibited and it takes the excitement out of living on campus. For example, one of my classmates got pregnant with her first child and we all wanted to throw a baby shower for her, but since it is forbidden to have a social gathering anywhere on campus, we had to just forget about the entire idea. It really hurt us especially since her husband was away in Iraq during her entire pregnancy; we just wanted to be there for her.


There aren't too many activities going on, so you have to find your own entertainment. A lot of people go home for the weekend if they live close.


a lot of people come from the same background, so it can be hard to find a niche when everyone fits the same mold.


the size


It has a habit of cutting off students from the outside world, there is limited transportation and the entertainments offered are carefully chosen. It's a deliberate and extreem bubble of reality, and I'm not terribly fond of that.