Roberts Wesleyan College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Roberts Wesleyan College (RWC) is a Christian University, focused on providing students with opportunities to grow spiritually. People who want to learn more about the Christian faith, grow in their knowledge of Jesus Christ, and who want to live in a Christian community should consider attending RWC. This does not mean that non-religious or individuals of other faiths should not consider RWC. RWC's campus has a large Christian population, but both students and faculty are accepting of individuals with different beliefs. So who should attend RWC? Individuals who want to feel accepted, and if desired also grow spiritually.


Roberts is not a party school, but that doesn't mean that we don't have fun. We have movie nights, game nights, and we are only about twenty minutes from Rochester where there is a lot to do. So what sort of perosn should come to Roberts? Someone who enjoys life without doing things that will most likely be regreted. Someone who enjoys a great atmosphere and amazing people. Finally, someone who has a passion for learning not only more about their major, but more about themself and God.


Any student who is wanting to recieve the best education possible should go to Roberts Wesleyan. Students of all kind are welcome at this school. The students here are very bright and artistic, and not one person is the same. If some one is looking for a place where they can fit in regardless of how they act or dress, Roberts is the place.


Someone who needs a smaller,quieter atmospher to focus on their studies. Someone who needs a retirement school


A person who wants to have a well balanced education that also involves the Christian religion would enjoy being a student here. Also, anyone who enjoys learning and increasing their faith at the same time, would enjoy this college.


This is a great college for students devoted to the Christian faith, seeking a great education as well as very social atmosphere.


Someone with a strong Christian background that wishes to grow in their faith.


Someone who is very religious and is into God, Jesus, and the Bible.