Rockford University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


It is a wonderful school.


Rockford College is a small private liberal arts school that has some of the friendliest and helpful students and staff.


Loras has this motto that is repeated at every possible oppotunity: "Be More", and Loras pushes all of its students to really be more, to be the "best versions of themselves" as we say on campus, and although "being more" means something different for everybody, everyone is challenged at Loras.


Rockford College is a school that is not too big or too small and is able to provide the perfect sized learning environment because of their size.


Rockford College was in a secluded area of the city, making you believe you were entering another world, and once you were there it was an entire learning evironment that made you feel special that you were a part of that world.


Rockford college students protray honesty and determination.