Rockford University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The food is nasty and the scholarships are hard to get.


The snowy weather.


The most frustrating thing for me would have to be a the bills that I get from the college.


That the nursing program uses a different grading scale than the rest of the college. They need to change the program to affilate with the rest of the school.


The cliquey-ness of the students within my major as well as the fact that I don't drink, which makes it difficult to go hang out with some of the other students since they enjoy drinking and partying. It is also frustrating that my first advisor really messed up the rest of my academic career and I have to have a heavy load for my senior year. Also, another professor in my department is not helping me as much as he said he would in order to graduate on time.


The student administrative offices. They have screwed up my billing a number of times, and they can be very hard to work with. But they are slowly getting better as they are hiring new people.


Rockford College is a very expensive school. I generally feel concerned while waiting for my financial aid to kick in, mostly because I know I would not be able to afford school without this assistance.