Rocky Mountain College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


People who need extracurricular activities in a city with a bustling lifestyle would not appreciate the town in which Rocky is found. Also, people who are used to big-city lives, where there's a lot of social diversity might be shocked to find the jock stereotype actually exists, as well as many people who are openly homophobic or otherwise prejudiced. It's not overwhelming, and there are plenty of exceptions, but there are still a lot of small-town people with old-fashioned ideas.


Outdoorsy, motivated, ready to learn, engaged


A student should not attend Rocky Mountain College if they do not plan on being academically challenged.


Close minded individuals should not attend.


Students who are looking for a bigger community and an enviornment with more artistic opportunities should not attend this school. If you know what major/field you are looking for, make sure you chose the school with the most opportunities in that field. Because Rocky is a liberal arts school, it doesn't necessarily fully accomodate specific feilds.


Someone who is not interested in a small school should definitley not attend this school. It is a very close community where everybody knows and talk with each other. Most students are dedicated and want to fulfill their dreams here at Rocky, and are not to interested in the party and social scene of college as much as hard work.


If you are into a big school environment


The kind of person that shouldn't attend this school is a lazy and non caring person. The teaching staff is comitted to helping each student succeed, and lazy people just take away time that can be used for other students.


A student who wants a big-city, big college exxperience.


people who like the outdoors and appreciate hard work and friendly people.