Rutgers University-New Brunswick Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Rutgers University is most well known for their football team, the Scarlet Knights. The students often take up entire sections of the football stadium during the games. Students have routine chants they use to encourage the football team's players. While the team doesn't have the greatest stats this year, the players and students still cause excitement among everyone who comes out to see the games. Another great benefit for students who go to the games is the free food with a meal swipe. If you are ever in New Brunswick, take time to see a Rutgers football game.


Best known for football and pre-med, business, as well as acting program. Food is horrible except on Busch and Cook and Rutgers is best known for stds, so much in fact there's a std named the RUstd


Rutgers Football team. Good Business School.


The rich diversity and also for being known as a giant melting pot. Cheerful atmosphere in every corner you turn and friendly smiles that you get often from strangers, not in a creepy way, but rather makes you feel like you are home. easy to make friends whether you live on-campus with friends or get a random roomate.


For football. The Scarlet Knights had a great season last year and this season also went well.


It is mainly known for new jersey, sexually transmitted diseases and football. Apparently there was a study done and Rutgers had the highest occurrence of stds of all schools surveyed.


The Louisville game two years ago. That's actually pretty sad. Charlotte from Sex and the City, and Ally McBeal graduated from Rutgers!


Football, Don Imus, research


Research university.


Over the past 2 years, my school has gained notoriety for the Rutgers Football team. The recognition that Rutgers received has actually been beneficial to all of the special departments and interest groups on campus. For example, Mason Gross School of the Arts has one of the best undergraduate acting conservatories in the country, if not, the best. RU Football has put Rutgers' name out there, so now, more and more people (more and more serious actors) are aware of the great program here.


Our football team, parties, engineering school, business school, and a lot of different majors.


Rutgers is best known for it's football team and community. Centered in downtown New Brunswick, the football games draw people from all over the state, as they pour in with their red t-shirts with their entire family to cheer on the Scarlet Knights. Rutgers has a strong alumni base, with alumni all over the county, it will always be supported by them. The school spirit is bar-none, even when our teams don't do so well. Our coaches are top notch and the women's basketball team's games are always a treat in the winter months.


On the banks of the old Raritan, you'll find the school with the best Football team in New Jersey;!!! A school with a very good academic reputation; one that is well-known throughout the entire world. The Physics department i studied under attracted students from all regions of the planet; who came to get PhD's (sometimes second or third ones) from professors working in leading areas of research in fields such as "nanotechnology", "string threory", etc...


It is considered a mathematics school and has a great science and engineering program as well as a well known football team


Rutgers is the state university of New Jersey, and naturally there is plenty of Jersey pride. Rutgers is like a graduate school to many highschools in Jersey, but not many people out of state know much about the school. At some schools, students ask eachother where they are from. At Rutgers, someone will just ask you what exit you live off of the Parkway. The people here who live out of state do not feel left out, however, and enjoy the atmosphere as much as anyone else.