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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


As a student who came from a high school thats been shut down, I would look at my refelction in the mirror and tell my self "its all going to be ok." Its sad knowing that my high school didnt give me much when it came to college help, college guidence and the proper learning materials. I would of told my self "work hard, play hard", mainly because as a student i never liked being a failure, especially when my family in the United States and also in Panama always had high hopes for me. I would tell myself that no matter how long things take every thing is going to be ok. I struggled as a young women, when it came to doubting myself. I never thought positive about certain situations because everything ive tried to reach for just seemed to run away. But as I become older and a wiser freshmen student in Sage college of Albany, i will look back and proudly say "I made it", and wether or not I accomplished my goals in high school i will definietly reach them in college. I can actually relax and say jennifer ,"its all going to be ok".


My college experience has taught me to be more independent and seek opportunities rather than have them come to me. It's always better to be proactive because only then can I be satisfied with the end results knowing that I tried my best than not having tried at all. It has also taught me the value of a college education. A college education is costly and in order to use that money wisely I have to pursue my degree with much focus and motivation. In return I can make a career out of it and make great changes not only within myself but the community around me. It has been very valuable to attend Sage College of Albany because without knowing these things about myself and life, I would be stuck not knowing which path to travel. I can only imagine I would have trouble making important decisions that could be detrimental to my may not be as bright and full of potential as it could.


Sage Colleges helped to open my eyes to the rest of my life. I learned professional level knowledge and skills at the same time I learned more about how other people live.


I have learned how to shape my skills to be more accurate in the art and design world. It is important to know the diffrent programs that will be useful tools when i get a job in my feild. It is also good to know how to draw accurately so both ways of designing are known. It allows for me to be more versitile. The skills i learned in high school will become more fine tuned so that it will be at a proffestional level that will please future clients.


Visit your college, be prepared to write papers and learn not to procrastinate


The best advice is to have a plan and try to pick what ever school awe's you the best.


Finding the right college depends on your personality. If you are very into sports and school activities then I would recommend a state school becasue I went to a private college and they did not have many things to get involved in which I kind of think deprived me of a full college experience. However it was a great school and the faculty and students were great. Financial planning is also a huge decision maker, find a college that fits your wants and needs but also your budget. Loans do not seem that scary while you are in school and not paying for them but then after you graduated and get that first bill, its extremely scary. So choose wisely and enjoy the experience!


When looking for the right colleges you first have to ask yourself, Is this where I want to spend the next four years of my life?. Yea you might want to look at cost, and education first, but what really matters is what is going to make you happy. . You can?t just settle on a school based on what you have read about it. You have to go out and witness it for yourself. Really take the chance to see everything about it. I would suggest touring a potential school while it is in session and not just during the summer, this way you can take in the atmosphere and see what kind of people could someday become lifelong friends. If a school you are interested in offers overnight visits and orientations, don?t hesitate! Sign up. You will realize quickly what school is for you, just by staying over one night. So cost and education a side, find the school that fits you and makes you happy. You want to enjoy school and not dread everyday of it, because if you are not happy chances are your teachers and parents will not be happy when grades come around.