Saint Ambrose University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are helpful & will always help you if you need extra help understanding homework or papers.


I really don't know how they are because I haven't actually had confrontation wih me, but I'm pretty sure that they are 'normal.'


My classmates are very helfpful and open to creative ideas.


My classmates are ambitious people that are always ready and eager to learn new things.


They are friendly and engaging. Helfpul really describes them. Many of them are young and can sometimes make a non-traditional student feel out of place. Due to their youth they seem energetic and fun. Drinking and drugs are not a high priority for them.


My classmates are friendly, helpful, responsible, intellegent, repectful, and good people.


My fellow classmates are typically young and energetic. Most are attending school full time, such as myself. All are enthusiastic to learn and excited to attend St. Ambrose University. They have good team spirit and respect their professors, regarding many of them as peers. There has been no display of discrimination, quite the opposite. Everyone is friendly, helpful, and support each other in their studies.


My classmates are supportive, trustworthy, and there for me whenever I am in a time of need.


They are helpful and attentive.


They can be very close minded at times to ideas and cultural beliefs that difer from theirs.


They all come from Chicago meaning the cubs fans are always arguing with the sox fans. There is a lot of pride amoung our classmates.


Upbeat, smart, mostly female, and catholic.


Classmates are amazing!


they are just like me, normal citizens that are going to a godo school to get eduated