Saint Ambrose University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The people that attend.


I brag most about all the opportunities I get to have. Being involved in the theatre department I have the chance to do any thing I want and learn as I go. There are very good opportunites to study abroad for long or shorts amount of time for reasonable prices. There are also many opportunities to be involved in the community outside of campus as well, they encourage us to volunteer and give back as much as we can.


The campus of St. Ambrose University is the perfect size: not too small and not too big. The professors are great, and so are the rest of the staff and faculty. The classrooms are medium to small, which allows a lot more one on one time between students and professors. St. Ambrose has the absolute best housing available for students. The halls are beautiful, spacious, clean, and modern. However, some resident halls are also old fashioned, which provides a unique feel to it. St. Ambrose has unique architectures and has remodeled various buildings on campus.


It is a small university so the class sizes are great. With on average 15 students in class, being able to interact in class easier. Also you can have more one on one with the professors. Along with that, I enjoy the structure of the campus. It is really pretty throughout all seasons. My last thing I brag about is the fact it's not far from home. I cannot afford to live on campus so being able to commute is great.


When I tell my friends about Saint Ambrose, I usually start off by telling them about the great dorms that have private bathrooms and everything, because it is so clean and really great to have. I then tell them about how beautiful campus is and how helpful everyone on campus is whenever you have any questions or concerns about anything.


I brag about the dorms that St. Ambrose University has, because they are the best I have seen for freshman. My dorm is newly built, carpeted, large, air-conditioned, and suite-style (4 people share a bathroom that is cleaned weekly).


I brag to my friends all the time about the size of our dorms and how nice they are. A lot of my friends complain about how bad theirs are but at St. Ambrose our dorms are very spacious and pretty much brand new. I also brag about our football team as well because we have a good team.


Mostly, our little "drinking culture" we got goin' here. The house parties and the "drunk bus" to downtown. Academically, my school is all about business and nursing, neither of which I'm vested in.


How close I am with all my peers.


Class sizes


That I'm kind of closer to home so I don't have to live on campus. I love the fact that I can personally relate and learn from the professors here. They really do care about the students.


I am on a varsity team. I can walk to the opposite of campus within 15 minutes. The on-campus housing is really nice. Pretty much everyone is really friendly. Teachers are very understanding and are enthusiastic about what they teach.


community atmosphere, close to home


the living conditions


We have the best dorms in Iowa. Almost everyroom is suite style and you don't have to deal with community bathrooms.