Saint Ambrose University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


A student attending this school should be comfortable in a small, classroom setting where professors know all of the students well. Many of the professors also lead other clubs or activities in the school, so they will also get to know you outside of the classroom.


A person who is excited and focused about succeeding in what they do. Someone who loves small classes and one on one interaction with peers and professors. Someone who is excited to meet new people and really get to know them.


I believe that everyone should have a chance to further their education. You never really know someone's personality until you actually interact with them and then sometimes interaction doesn't show someone's true character.


While Saint Ambrose is a good school, it is certainly not for everyone. Some students, such as myself, are looking for a personal touch on their education. I have several teachers that would contact me if I were to miss a class, not out of irritation that I missed, but out of concern that I was not in class when I am usually there every day. However, many college ages students are not looking for this form of responsibility and accountability in a school. If a students does not want to be accountable, Saint Ambrose is not a good choice.


Anyone that is committed to their studies and wants to further their education should attend Saint Ambrose. They are very academic oriented and take great pride in their students. It is a small school so that helps students keep their focus since their are less distractions.


A person who is lazy, and feel like they will be able to buy their degree.


A person should not attend this school if he or she wants to attend a big school where you walk out the door and don't recognize anyone's face, and don't know more than two people in your classes. You shouldn't attend this school if you don't want to be a part of extra-curricular activities. A person should not attend this school if he or she wants to attend college to party and drink his or her life away. This is not a party school and is too expensive to fail out of.


St. Ambrose has something to offer to everyone. Those students willing to learn, and those who go into college with an open mind will be successful not only at Ambrose but in their career as well. The professors at Ambrose care about the education their students receive. So even those students who just don't get it will be able to get help and succeed. Ambrose offers a wide range of sports, extra cirricular, and art/theatre programs. There is something for all persons interested in attending.


Saint Ambrose is a small school allowing for very individual and hands on learning situations. It is common that teachers know all of their students by name and through the semester are able to discover their strengths and weaknesses making it easy for them to individually help each student find success. The size also allows for some "hand holding" behavior that may not help some students. Class participation is a must as well as forming personal relationships with professors. The school also only has one cafeteria and library which close fairly early so night owls may have some trouble adjusting.


I don't think St. Ambrose excludes any "kind" of person specifically. Many non-traditional students, including mothers and older adults, attend the school and are well accepted by their peers. If I had to choose though, I would say anyone not serious about school may not want to waste the $20,000 a year.


Someone who likes small class sizes.