Saint Louis University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Saint Louis University is best known for its academic rigor, high integrity and alacrity, and Billikens basketball.




Education, the classes are much harder than other local campuses.


The school is best known for the academic programs that it provides to the students. The school is also commonly known for the prestige level that it has among the other universities in the regions.


My university is best known for it's wonderful Internation Business program, along with it's great study abroad program.


I feel that Saint Louis Univserity is best known to be a Catholic Jesuit school. Theology and Philosophy are required courses. By taking these couses they allow you to think outside of the box and apply your thinking skills. I had never taken any of these classes and I can honestly say that they have helped me look at situations differently.


The nursing program is very well regarded, and the health law school is ranked first in the nation. Saint Louis University as a whole is known for its outreach to the community through service. It is also known for its beautiful campus and friendly people.


A quality academic experience at a Catholic University


The science program and the Basketball team


I believe that our school is best known for its location in St. Louis, MO. Additionally, the large number of students who attend SLU for pre-med and ultimately medical school are widely known facts about SLU.


Saint Louis University is best known for its mascot--the billiken. I know people who go on our school tour just to view and rub the belly of our well-known billiken statue. The unique qualities of our billiken stimulate intrigue in onlookers, while producing school pride among students who attend the university.


Haha, well whenever I tell anyone I go to Saint Louis University they immediately are impressed because of dangerous the surrounding area is. Truth be told, I've been here for almost a year and I've never been mugged, beat up, or shot and I go out on the weekends and don't get back until around 2am. As long as you stay in campus and travel with a friend it really isn't a big deal, just be smart. Also, our basketball team definitely deserves major respect.


My school is best known for a great education for a low price. Many students in my community attend this school to obtain a associates degree in a two year program before transferring to a university. My school is also known for its A plus program. Students that attend local high schools, obtain a cumulative grade point average of a 2.5 for all four years, and meet fifty hours of community service are awarded the A plus scholarship. This scholarship provides free tuition to my school for two years.


SLU is best known for its community atmosphere and spirit as well as its students' ability to excel and succeed in many different areas of study including business, pre-med, and pre-law. We are also known for our community service and willingness to give back to the community. SLU is also well known for the opportunities it provides its students both while in school and after. SLU is a very well rounded place and has something for everyone even if SLU is not well known for it for example sports and the arts.


Health Sciences, Engineering, research


The school is known for its medical programs and our unique mascot, the billiken


my school is best known for "the billiken."


Jesuit traditions. Men and women for others. Service learning. Catholic inspired living.


Academically challenging and Jesuit mission


SLU is probably best known for their outstanding Med School and all of the programs that they offer, dealing with medicine and the health sciences.


We invented the forward pass for football but we don't have a football team.


Basketball, soccer, being an outstanding school to graduate from since this school is academically recognized




Probably our Pre-Med and Allied Health programs. We also have very good theology and philosophy. Sports-wise, Basketball and soccer and big sports.


Academically, Saint Louis is best known for its pre-med program. Outside of academics, we are known for our (shitty) basketball team and the crime that goes on in the areas surrounding the school