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The people- they care. A lot. It's like a new family. You can be unique (ie not religious in a Jesuit school, a total nerd, etc.) and still be accepted AND you can still find people who like the same things you do or find people who like things you've never heard of. The environment- a beautiful campus feel next to the city. The mission- while it has religious roots, community service and volunteerwork are encouraged. The mascot- a freakin' BILLIKEN!


The diversity of Saint Louis University is incredible. One may assume that the many different nationalities here would conflict. But this is farthest from the truth. I have met many students here who are looking for the same thing as I, that is a place to prosper and call the community "family". SLU not only provides outstanding education but provides an environment that feels more like a close net community than a college. The outstanding professors take there time to teach and experience a course with their students. We may all be different in looks but common in experience.


Something unique about Saint Louis University is the effort that the professors put into helping the students succeed if they seem to be struggling. Another thing that is unique is the wide variety of people that you get to meet and become aquainted with while attending classes or just walking around campus.


My university is in Madrid, Spain which is definitely very appealing. Having an American university in another country was my deciding factor.


This school has a medical scholars program that I was accepted into.


The location, it's located near downtoan Saint Louis. It's big, but yet small enough to get to know everyone and class sizes tend to be in the lower 20 range.


Proud to be a Billiken! Best decision I ever made was to come here


Saint Louis University is unique to prosepective students because of the family like enviroment. The staff, students and all those on campus are very kind and more than willing to help all those in need.


As a transfer student, many things about Saint Louis University caught my eye. The most important thing was the amount of care and concern that the advisors and other faculty/staff members put forth into my application process. I really felt as though they wanted me at the university. As I was applying to schools , I was scared and nervous, but after speaking to my advisor at Saint Louis University, all my fears had vanished and I didn't feel so alone. After being accepted to SLU I was elated and the rest is history in the making!


I considered many state schools when looking at colleges, but Saint Louis University, a private Jesuit university, stood out to me because of the feeling I got on campus. At many big schools, you just feel like a number, but at SLU, you feel like you're truly part of a community. You know many people you see around campus, you become friends with your professors. It's like having a little hometown inside of the big city.


St. Louis University is in an urban enviroment


The Jesuit teachings of challenging the status quo. The focus on a warm learning environment for students to study in or socialize. At SLU, there is an emphasis on forming the whole person to be able to be productive and responsible members of society after leaving with a notable education.


My school is a Catholic Jesuit University that focuses on giving back to the community and others.


The other schools that I had considered were in more rural parts. My choice was in a small town that I would have enjoyed, but the city drew my attention far greater.


There are no slack off options for classes. It is a university dedicated to bettering the education of thier students spiritually and academically. There is also a plethora of things to do inside and outside of university.


As I had aboved detailed, the school provided the unique oppertunity for many various nationalities to blend into one familiar group bonded not through language and passport, for too many of us hailed from unvisited countries and English was a second language, but rather of common interest, common task, and the common task of learning and the experience of living in an unfamiliar city, country, and in some cases an unfamiliar continent. We all bonded through our time there whether in the classrooms or among the throngs of madrilenos living the renowned Madrid night life.


SLU is a good place to be, especially if you're looking for a solid, non-State school education


This school is very very very green, very high emphasis on protecting the environment.


The school allowed me to start over as myself despite the problems my family faced throughout highschool. The school was perfect for me, and I felt comfortable being myself among all of my classmates and the school's faculty. The school is in a city, and it was always upbeat and moving. The campus is beautiful. As a member of a sorority, I felt accepted and cared for at all times.


I've always wanted to go to my school due to its proximity to my home, the diversity of majors that it offered, and also the beautiful campus. However, once I got here, I realized that those three benefits weren't what make St. Louis University unique. My school is unique not only because of our odd mascot (the Billiken), but because of the extreme outpouring of help that the students offer both each other and the St. Louis community at large. Whether we are helping someone study, improving our recycling programs, or doing community service, we are always helpful.


I wish more than anything I had chosen a school other than SLU. The only reason I still stay is because of the physical therapy program... it is one of the best in the area and I will only have to stay in school for six years rather than seven.


Basically you will fit in just fine if you are conservative, white, and rich. If you are not one of those things, you will probably take a liking to people at the other schools in the city- such as the WASH U liberals. Because there are so many other schools in St. Louis, even if you can't find friends at SLU, you have a really big chance of finding them from other schools at the parties or just around town.


One unique thing about SLU is it's strong emphasis on the Jesuit Catholic Mission. Though I am an African-Methodist Episcopal, learning here at SLU has taught me so many things about the Jesuit Society and about the Catholic faith that I would not have learned at most other Universitites.


The location. St. Louis University has done a fabulous job creating a campus that feels like it is closed in, but then the city is surrounding us. It is like they created our own little town on campus, but the second you cross a street, you are in St. Louis.


The Bilikin


A look at SLU student lifein 2006. Shared by YouTube.


Prefer not to say. I think all the schools I applied to were good, and uniqueness doesnt really factor in.....for me at least.


Most Beautiful Urban Campus. Ever. Also, the vast majority of people are nice and laid-back.


The level of friendship and unity that is shown to any SLU student, and the obvious bond that exists between all SLU students, friends or otherwise.


The administration sucks. Just to warn you. If you're paying your own way through college, be forewarned - they're raising tuition much, much, much faster than the average university does. Father Biondi (dude in-charge) said that students who can't afford to pay for the crazy tuition hikes can "stand on the corner of Grand and Lindell with a tin cup and beg for change." He couldn't care less about us (good thing the professors do). In fact, half your intellectual conversation will be about how the school spends those tuition dollars/killed SLU's free press/fires the wrong people for the wrong reasons/loses faculty to Wash. U./etc. Oh, and there are a LOT of bums around; don't let them hound you for change as they're out for fresh blood, just tell 'em no. They always need two bucks for bus fare. From you. And the next fifteen guys to walk by. SLU is so way totally worth it.


The amount you have to pay SUCKS, but it's worth it in the end. I can already tell that the next three years of my life are going to change phenomenally for the better after being at SLU.


SLU is for people who are looking for a little bit of everything and can handle life in the framework of a big city. Once you get here, you'll realize there's a lot more to the school than what you read about in brochures.


I really think that the best way to tell if SLU is the place for you is by visiting. It is not a place to go based on paper, it is a place to go for community. Check it out!


Great School!


Some professors are very afraid of being politically incorrect. I took a theology class in which I gave a report on the mistreatment of women in Islam and its hostility towards other religions, along with how the tolerant verses from the Koran that are often quoted are cancelled out by later "revelations" by Muhammad that are full of violence and hatred, and my professor said my report was too biased! I used direct quotes from 3 different English translations of the Koran and various Hadith backed up with reputable scholarly analysis. At no point did I provide inaccurate information. I tried to select passages that could not possibly be misinterpreted, as people are so often accused of doing when they point out the violence inherent in the Koran. For crying out loud, the two Muslim students in the whole class said I had done very thorough research and nothing conflicted with their limited knowledge of their own religion! My teacher is terrified of making waves and offending people with the ugly truth about the dangerous cult - yes, it has all the qualities of a cult, and I'd like to see an American Muslim tell a middle eastern Muslim to their face that Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance and see how long they're allowed to live - and for that, he is a coward. Moderate Muslims need to open their eyes to the reality of Islam, and take the steps to either radically reform it, or better, leave it altogether.


I love SLU.