Saint Louis University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


There is no one who shouldn't attend SLU... It is a great, inclusive school for all kinds of people. It is right outside of downtown St. Louis, so for someone who doesn't like the city, it is a little hard to get used to, but once accustomed to it, it is awesome.


Someone who is VERY introverted (doorstops are encouraged) and who isn't always fond of going above and beyond. Someone who doesn't want to better the community will have a hard time fitting in.


I think people who love to go to football games should not go to this school because SLU does not have their own football team. Otherwise, I think anyone that wants to be a well-rounded individual should go to SLU.


Someone who wants to attend school in a college town.


A close-minded person should not attend Saint Louis University. A person who is judgmental and is unwilling to learn from people who are different from them would be very uncomfortable at my school. My school promotes diversity and appreciating each person's individuality. A person who focuses solely on themselves and is unwilling to ever step outside his comfort zone when dealing with people who are different from him might struggle at SLU. The people here strive to be open and accepting of everyone, but racisim or bigotry is not tolerated, especially if it threatens the saftey of others.


The person who is not to attend this school would be someone who is not dedicated to their education and is not willing to put in the time and effort to further their education.


Anyone! There are all ethnicities and personalities. I was very intimidated at first, especailly coming from a middle class family and a community college. After the first semester I felt very at home.


If there was a person who did not want to interact socially with people and wanted a college experience in which he/she had a quiet academic year, this would not be the school for them. The person would have to dislike campus life, being in clubs, and socializing with friends for this school to be a poor fit for them.


The kind of people who shouldn't attend this school are those who are going to college to 'have fun'. Saint Louis is not a party school and if that is what someone is spending $40,000+ to do, then it is certainly not the place. Also, someone who is not good at using their resources and those who aren't willing to work hard will not benefit from attending Saint Louis University.


A person who is used to seeing an ethnically diverse groups of people or African American students who are used to being around other African American students may not feel very comfortabl at times. Also students from lower income homes or who are supporting their family ma feel alone, or out of place, because most students at this university come from suburban, rich, or middle income families and do not easily relate to students that ome from poor families.


Anybody who has any sort of problem with religion, while not in your face, it is a religious institution and they will speak about their Jesuit traditions and express a strong belief in God in almost all classes. Also, it is a primarily white university so if you have any sort of problem with that it is not the school for you. There is a good diversity program here though, and you would by no means feel excluded, just know that the racial population of the university is primarily white.


Saint Louis University is a great school with so many great opportunities. It is a wonderful place for any person to come to learn and discover themselves. I would not exclude an type of person from coming here for a great education; it is an incredible place to learn and find new interests to endulge in.


A person who does not accept diversity should not go to this school. This school is very culturally diverse, as well as diverse in race , religion, gender, and social class. A person should not attend this school if he/she cannot balance studying and partying. There are some people who cannot balance and the result is loosing scholarships because of low grades. If you are easliy influence by others, this is not the place for you. Like any college campus, there is temptation but a person must know his/her limits and not give into negative peer-pressure.


I think if you are looking for a party experience, for a huge social networking opportunity, SLU is not where you should be. SLU is really a very well rounded liberal arts school, and service is also a pretty big part of who we are here. We're a smaller sized community, and if you are not looking to have your viewpoints challenged, to create a deeper, more intellectual experience beyond that of simple job training, SLU is not right for you. We still manage to have fun, to make many friends, but I think our students want both ends.


Someone who is not hardworking. There is going to be language barrier that will be challenging however, should be welcomed. If you are afraid of new challenges and become homesick, this place is not for you.


A person who doesn't feel that a diverse community of students, higher quality education and inter and intrapersonal spiritual journeys shouldn't be fostered creating a well-rounded person who is prepared not just for a career in his or her chosen field, but for the world of relationships and acquaintances outside of the work place shouldn't attend Saint Louis University. Anyone who has even a remote desire in part of being within an inclusive community should, at the very least, consider Saint Louis University.


A person who is undedicated to thier education and not passionate about thier future. You need to be able to balance a social life as well as academic which is difficult because there is so many options of activities.


I firmly believe that anyone can do anything they want to in their lives and that includes being at a university. The ideal SLU student will obviously be focused, dedicated, and willing to make sacrifices but thats not to say that SLU doesn't have its party goers and slackers as well. SLU is a challenging university but I think that anyone who is willing to put forth the effort can suceed at this institution and that no one should feel that they are not welcome at SLU.


People who don't live in or near St. Charles County Missouri should probably attend a community college closer to home. There are many excellent community colleges throughout the state, so those people should take advantage of these opportunities. Students who have been awarded substantial academic scholarships to attend a university and are mature enough to live away from home should not attend my school. Students who are wanting to play sports in college should not attend this school because there is limited options.


Someone who should not attend this school would be someone who is not motivated and is only going to college to party and not get a good education.


Those who are unconfortable with sorority life, those who would like to be alone, those who feel the jesuit tradition be kept completely out of education.


anyone should attend


A person who has no ambition, and no desires in life, shouldnot a attend my school.


Not a school for artists


If being in a city atmosphere scares you, then you shouldn't go to St. Louis University.




SLU is great for a large spectrum of different students. The only students who should not attend SLU are those who want nothing more than an education that will qualify them for a job. SLU will provide that education, but it expects more from its students. It expects them to use their education not only to get a job, but to change the world.


The type of person that should not attend this school is someone who liked to keep to themselves. This school strives to get everyone involved in one way or another.


anyone who isn't white, rich and or very conservative.


Those closed to different relgions, orientations, and genders.


Someone who is looking for a school where they can party and not attend class and still expect to do well in school.


Some one who is not driven with a goal to succeed in life. A person who solely wants to party and drink cannot succeed here at least from my observations. People who are very much against catholocism. The faculty is very open minded and so are the students but there is a sense of catholocism about campus. People who do not like the city should not come here


focused, open to new things