Saint Louis University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I really I would have worked much harder in high school to make sure i could ecieve as much alleviation to the financial burden of school as possible.


I wish I had known better networking skills. I was unable to find an off campus internship between my junior and senior year, and that is hurting me in my job search for after graduation.


I wish I would've known how to handle my roommate controversy a little better, and not let her anger towards me ruin the amount of friends I made on my floor.


Its rankings, which are decent, which would have changed my choice. I was admitted to pre-medical scholars program, but I wish i knew that many are dropped out of program. I wish I knew that other colleges out of Missouri are much better. I wish I knew how to manage stress and develop skills to make long lasting friendships. I wish I knew that there are better colleges for medicine and veterinary science. i wish i knew what i wanted to do before i started college so i could pick a college suited to what i wanted to do.


Before I came to SLU, I wish I had known that I would no longer be one of the big fish in a little pond. In high school, I succeded very easily. I was quite involved and had many friends. College was a completely different story. Everyone here had been like me in high school. I was no longer the smartest person in the room by any means. It was a bit of a shock to learn that I had to work for everything I have now. However, I think in the end, I am a better person for it.


Before coming to SLU, I wish I had a better idea of how much work college courses actually take. In high school I never had any courses that prepared me for college. My first couple of weeks here at SLU were very overwhelming for me, but once I figured out how to juggle the classes and the assignments, I realized that I had made the correct decision in attending SLU.


I wish I had known how important scholarships were! I also wish I had known how to manage my time better. The campus is huge and there are always things to do. You can go to events with great speakers or cool movie nights but, school work comes first. Procrastination is your worst enemy. My first semester, I was a little lost with finding help. The Student Centers are a great way to get extra help and advice on work. Also, utilize your academic advisors. They are there to help you academically and mentally. They help you realize your potential.


There is nothing that I wish I had known before I came here. This school is very warm and welcoming to new students.


I wish I had known more about class work and home work on line. Getting use to that took some time. I was use to the book and notebook paper way of student life. I am from a rural area. Now I am handling it very well!


I wish that I had known the vital study skills that I have learned thus far in my college career. I also wish that I had been more proactive when seeking out professor feedback and classmate aid.


I would have liked to know more about housing and theoptions for housing. I also would have liked to know more about the different activites, clubs, and sports that SLU offered.


I wish I had had a better understanding of how the clinical portion of the program would work.


I wish I had known about all the ways to get out of my dorm room and into campus life. There is so much to do academically, extra-curricularly, and socially that I still don't even know about. The resources offered to help students get the most out of the education at Saint Louis University are numerous, and I would have liked to be aware of all these before I first came to the school, so I could have made my transition to the school a little smoother.


I transferred to Saint Louis University at the start of the Spring 2011 semester. Because most students either start their education or transfer in for the fall semester, I was not involved in all of the new school year activities. Some of these activities include joining soroities, fraternities and clubs. I was really hoping to be able to join some different clubs at the university but since they already had their members and were situated with eachother I decided to wait until the fall to look into them.


How to be an academic grind.


I wish that I had known things like the lack of social life. That's a huge thing for me, and because there's no outlet for my social needs, I end up spending a ton of time on facebook.


I wish I had known how difficult some of my science classes freshmen year were going to be and how much time I would need to study. In high school, my study habits were insufficient for success in a college classroom. I had to learn whole new study techniques and the discipline to study often and effectively. Had I been able to start with a better set of study skills, my freshmen GPA would have been quite a bit higher. Basically I had to relearn how to study for a challenging college environment.


I wish I had just understood how expensive college in general (and for that matter, life outside of my parents' home) becomes. Everything out in the world costs money, and sometimes sacrifice and planning needs to be made. So I believe that I have learned much about life in general just by living on campus. I also wish I had known how hard it is to manage time. There are so many other things to do that sometimes its hard to force myself to sit down and do homework or study.


I wish I had known how to approach people. I met most of my friends through my roommate, which has turned out amazingly, but I wish I could have been more open my freshman year. I wish I had understood fully that everyone was in the exact same boat that I was. I also wish I had know how to cook a wider variety of meals, it has been a few years of trial and error in the kitchen.


I wish I had know how expensive everything would be at Saint Louis University. Asides from the high tuition, textbooks are more expensive than the last TWO universities i went to, by hundreds of dollars, my parking pass was also hundreds of dollars, and the food is very pricey as well. The average sandwhich costs $7-8 and does not taste that good at all. These are just a few examples of the ridiculously high cost of attending SLU.


How much I was going to use a bike. If I had known I'd be riding EVERYWHERE, I would've gotten something better than a $50 Wal-Mart bike.


The load of school work


It's a really good idea to become involved with extra curriculars as soon as you come on campus, it helps to meet people and relieve the stress of class. Also, unless you are a Federal Work Study student, it's really hard to find good on campus jobs.


That most of the campus parties are for sororities and fraternities. That the friends that you have in the beginning might change after joining a sorority. I wished someone would have told me to try everything and don't let your so called friends hold you back and make you feel bad about doing other things.


Wish I knew more about St. Louis the city and the average annual increase in tuition.


I wish I would have been better prepared for the cost of living in a big city and dealing with the pressures of stricter deadlines.


I wish I had known all the facilities available and had ulilized them when needed.


I wish I would have know that my family would recieve more financial aid. I wish I would have known what I wanted to do so that I may not have taken pre med courses since I am not really sure if that is what I want to do with my life. Then my GPA would be worlds better. I also wish I would have known if I wanted to be in a Fraternity so I would not have to rush in spring semester and would have had it over with.


I wish that I had known to get more involved my freshamn year of college. It is so much fun to meet people by joining activities and I just wish that I would have started getting more involved earlier because I have met some truly great people that way.


Remember that no school is perfect, no matter what they tell you during recruiting.


I wish I had known about the variety of weather and the atbility of the weather to change drastically.


About the weather and how it changes so drastically.


That there a lot of racial tentions here that some dont realize.


The number of off campus houses


What the requirements were for graduation in a major, and the availability of housing.


How much I would like it!


How college academics work.