Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College? Why?


I would consider the worst thing about my school to be the surrounding location. Although Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College is located on a beautiful and historic campus, the town around the school gives off a negative first impression. As you drive to the entrance of the college, one passes through a runned down and low income area that may discourage prospective students from wanting to attend the school. One's first impression of the drive to the college may be very unappealing, but once one is on campus, it is soon easy to forget about the surrounding area.


The worse thing about my field of study at my college is the amount of time spent on research. Its not always easy finding the time to do this when your a single parent working full time.


I have not experienced any bad thing about my school. I take a distance program and it has been very sucessful in getting me where I need to be. The staff, the teachers, and my counselor have all been extremely helpful and get back with me as quickly as they can. They have made the learning experience a good on considering that most of our communication is done over the internet.