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San Antonio College has alot to offer, we may not be a traditional college but their is always something new happening. Students find new ways to get involved and to get everyone else involved. Everyone is very friendly, we always have someone to call or go to for help. The classes are small and although some professors can be a little strict, it's only for the best. Our campus is beautiful and sometimes peaceful. From the few classes I have taken, I seem to be enjoying myself and getting along with all of my instructors.


The classrooms are smaller and you can interact with the instructor. The campus is a great atmosphere to be at. Every student is interacting with each other and overall its a fun and relax place to be at. The stress of the classrooms is not high like in other colleges. The Faculty and instructors are very helpful and they make you comfortable. They help guide you and consule you on anything. This is the reaseon I like coming to school.


I think something that is unique about the school I attend is that it is diverse and there are a lot of interesting people along the journey of furthering my education. The teachers are very good for it being a community college and all of the help and access to resources are very easy.


Compared to other schools i concidered, this school is close home. I do not have to travel far and I live with my parents which allows me to save more money for my college payments and the textbooks that are required for the courses I am taking. Not only is this school at home but it meets the education I need and the cost meets my income.


I 'am attending school in the city of the Alamo. There is alot of history in San Antonio. Not sure of being unique. Each school is unique in its own way, just like the people who attend these schools. It's all the different cultures from all walks of life that make SAC and all the other schools unique . It's all what you make of it. San Antonio has plenty of different schools to offer. I will be at SAC for 2 years than transfer to UTHS . Yes I'm unique and so is the scholls I attend.


I attend a community college. What makes my college unique compared to other schools, is the people, even tho my school is a community college, there are enough students to create diversity, and culture but small enough too not be intimidating for a high school graduates.


It's the largest and most respected college in the Alamo community college district in San Antonio. San Antonio College offers many more classes that the others, and has better connections and transfer agreements with the mafor universities in Texas. Since my goal is to transfer to one of these universities--as opposed to a more short term or local vocational goal--it was the wisest choice for me.


What is unique about my school is that they offer the best Interpreter Training Program and it has been recognized as an exemplerary program.

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