San Antonio College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I would have loved to known about the college community here at San Antonio College. I believed that this was going to be a hard endeavor which would only be the beginning of the flood of college stress. However, I am entering my last semester here and that has still failed to happen. The transition from high school to college was made much easier by everyone at SAC, from the students to staff. I would love to have not had those worries, and now with heading to a new campus, I know that I am ready for anything.


If there was one thing I wish I had known before I came to this school, I wish I had known how early I needed to get there to find a parking space! If you are taking a class later than 8am, you can spend up to 45 minutes looking for a place to park! Usually the closest spaces are also anywhere from 3-4 block away from the campus! Even with the new parking garage, parking continues to be a headache for students both new and old to the school.


I wish I would've challenged myself before college. Senior year can be the easiest year because its easy to capitalize on slack off elective classes, sure the harder classes are their like anatomy and pre cal, but I chose the easy road. I wish I would've chose the harder courses then, because now I have to pay for them! I also wish I would have taken advantage of duel credit courses so I could have skipped my basics when I became a full blown college student. I regret not trying, I wish I did more then get by.


I wish I had known what to expect from a community college. It was a major change from the academic rigor I had gone through in high school.


I wish I knew how much help was out there for schools that I could have been apart of so I could be alot further in life.


I wish I had known several current students, preferably ones who were almost finished or ready for transfer. These students often know which professors care most, grade fairest, get off-topic frequently, etc. If you can, meet some current students first; they've probably taken the basic classes you'll have to take and might be able to offer advice. Also, I wish I would've known to ask professors before the semester (via email works well) if they'll let you use slightly out of date books. You can save a bunch by buying an edition-old textbook.


I wish I had known how to go about applying for financial aid.


I wish I had attended college directly out of highschool, instead of waiting all these years!

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