San Jose City College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Be sure to apply to many scholarships and do your best . Meet every scholarship expectation by volunteering in community services and doing extracurricular activites, so you can win more scholarships. Also, make sure your on top of every homework assignment because college is very challenging and you can ask for help because there are available resources, so you won't have to be struggling and alone. Become focused on your work because in college, grades really matter because your now an independent adult and this is the real world.


I would say exactly what my mother was trying to tell me. Stay in school; do not take a break because you will not go back. I graduated High School and went right to work then soon i had a baby. I would let myself know that College is awesome. I would also let myself know what i went through. I am smarter than I thought I was back then. i would say continue on to college or you will not go back for 31 years. I had a baby at 21. I started hanging with the wrong crowd. I ruined my life. I became a drug/alcohol addict. For 30 years i was a mess. I finally wised up in 2009. I started school in 2010 and my life has never been better. I will let my younger self know that is what will happen if i stop going to school. I will tell myself in a way that I will actually heed the warning. When we are young, we think we know everything and our parents are dumb. It is completely opposite. I would tell myself its better to listen to my mother and not my friends.


I have received a valuable education necessary to move towards my degree field. Not only have I received an extremely valuable education, the professors/ faculty members are their to move you in the right direction and succeed in life. These faculty members have been through college; thus, they are sharing their experiences with the students of today and tommorow; passing their wisdom from generation to generation. The classes at Central Oregon Community college are not taught by teachers assistants or assistant professors, the classes are taught by the professors themselves. The professors philosophies at COCC is "building future generations," meaning teaching not only academic skills to students, but teaching essential life skills necessary to survive any storms that come in a students direction. Thus, I have learned academic skills necessary for my major; but, I have also learned essential life skills when going out into the world thanks to the professors who make it happen and pass wisdom on to future generations.


Being in college is one of the best things in my life. I have a sense of accomplishment that I haven't felt from anything else that I have done. I am confident. A very better job as well job security. I?ve gotten admiration from peers and others from the community. Use the skills learned to volunteer and help others. Knowing I can take care of myself and be on my own during college. I have great Friends and memories which will stay with me for a very long time. Ii have also discovered a new world of cultures and opinions that have opened my own way of thinking. the greatest benefit was the completion of a long term plan/goal. Realizing because of college that there are a lot of things I can accomplish if I want to. These are memories and experiences that money can't buy. It did prepare me for the real world and i am glad it made me who I am.


Assuming that I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would have much advice for the young me. First of all, I would tell myself to live with my parents as long as I could while working and going to school, to save money before throwing myself out in the "real world". I would tell myself to take a computer class, buisness managment class, and a speech class before all other classes. The computer class because I would need to know how to type very fast and to find information that I would need to classes as fast as I could as well. I would need the buisness managment class to help with my finances and managing time for work and school. The speech class would be used to help me feel more comfortable in the class and be able to make speeches comfortably. Most of all I would tell myself to take it easy. I would tell myself not to sweat the small stuff. I would tell myself to just do my best in school and all else with fall in place.


I would allow myself more time to study. I started living on my own and paying bills so i wanted a steady job. In that process i got myself into a big situation. I was always tired, trying to make time to study but not miss work. I financially need help so working is the only thing i wanted to do at the time. I did not focus enought to the transtition. I had fun in high school and didnt really think about what to expect. I just threw myspelf into it and did not prepare myself for what i know now. Now i feel that school is clearly more important in the long run. I allow enough time for both things and i am still stuggling but at leaste my school work wont suffer and the future will come sooner! I can start my dream of teaching elementary school!


Back to my past from the present, traveling through my furture's past by thought of this question, I would embellish my before form of me. Embellish means to enhance with fictitious additions, but in my case I would twist this meaning to enhance my mind with academic and college knowledge additions through my own proper advice I have earn now. First of all, I would want to slap my self as a senior because of the improper decisions I did academically and college wise. Nnonetheless, I would tell myself to do an early decision application to the college of my dreams which is still USF. If not, an early application, but I didn't, I waited until the last minute. I would also advice myself to not drift into the social life because of the poison it leaves. The wisest thing to do to help drift from the social life, is by getting a job, to find my own means of balance and fuse my self with the concept of prioritization. Finally, I would tell my self my past is made of stone, future is made of playdough, and all the playdough rest in my hands; time to create.


I spent time students are the door step into college.I think it's completely new to a grade three student like me. Because college is a place requires plenty of effort in itself and above all the spirit of self study and train than.Of course there are plenty crestfallen but if that sort reasonable time and get to know gradually, we can overcome the initial barriers to study and practice better in each university hoc.We should spend more time self-study reference and add more books to supplement the knowledge necessary for us.A reasonable timetable will help us more in time management.That is all I know,what i think about college life and some advices for myself to study better.