Scripps College Top Questions

Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?


The stereo type are NOT accurate. Scripps women are intelligent and kind people. No matter who they love, they came to Scripps to learn and better themselves.


Scripps, by engaging its students, teaches them the ingenius of women and equipps them with the tools necessary to walk through life with a clear understanding of what it means to be a strong, capable woman who trusts in her abilities.


Not at all! Most of us are pretty relaxed when it comes to feminist issues, and although we are all intelligent we dont spend our entire day studying.


Only for a few people, and only then to a certain degree. Like all colleges, we are more complex than our stereotypes would allow for.


At a superficial level, yes, some of the stereotypes are true. There are some women from very wealthy families, and there are feminists. Hopefully all of us are feminists by the end of our four years or Scripps hasn't done a very good job. The stereotype that women's colleges are filled with lesbians is not as true of Scripps as it is perhaps at other women's colleges. There is definitely a gay community, but it is not as large as some would desire.


All of them taken at once, yes. The problem is that people pick one and apply it to the whole Scripps population, and Scripps is small, but it's not that small. You can't fit us all into one category. Like any school, Scripps has its nerds and partiers. But the school also has so many different types of women in-between, even women that don't fit within that spectrum at all.


Almost all Scripps students are very studious and academically driven, but the other stereotypes generally are not true. We certainly allow and welcome men from the other campuses onto the Scripps campus, and many Scripps students have both male and female friends from the other four colleges in the consortium. Yes, we are given "rape whistles" during orientation, but I have never heard one being used!


Like most stereotypes, one could probably find at least one Scripps student who fits each of these descriptions, but they represent exaggerations of the majority of students. Most students embody a mild version of each of these attributes, and on the whole are EXTREMELY nice and welcoming.


1. I would honestly say that "Scrippsie" is pretty accurate. Every girl I've met at Scripps is engaging and intelligent; fun and lovely. Each of them does or doesn't enjoy going out to a greater or lesser extent. It's up to each Scrippsie to decide her pace, and on the whole, we're all pretty much down to have a good time and we choose how that happens. 2. I have never met one of these women. I don't even think they exist. Do they? "She would certainly be a fearsome thing to behold" if we're going with Elizabeth Bennett on this one. The only time I've had someone insist that we don't need to conform to male pronouns and words like "mankind" was a male professor trying to be sensitive or something...and we all felt a little confused. Sure there are lesbians but people are people, love who you love, and rock on about it; being at Scripps doesn't effect that. To be fair, yes we are all women, and yes we are all PROUD to be women. We love and support each other and recognize the struggles we have been through. That doesn't make us any sort of feminazi. 3. Once again, this is an extreme stereotype, and I don't know if I've ever met one. You'll find girls and boys at any school who are more eager than everyone else to get a little party crazy. It's not a Scripps only thing.


NO! I cannot stress this enough. Scripps students are diverse intheir talents, interests, and backgrounds. When are in general a very open and accepting community. All scripps women are defintely intelligent and the vast majority are motivated or fueled by a specific cause. It is a powerful group!


If you view feminist as simply believing in equal rights between men and women, yes. If you think it's a raging lunatic lesbian, then no.


Of course Scripps has women who fit into these categories, but there are a lot of women who do not. Because Scripps is a woman's college, many people assume these things are true. However, I do not think the majority of women at Scripps fit into these stereotypes.


We have students that fit into all three of these categories but they are by no means the average or most common Scripps student. The roots of the stereotypes are easy to find: 1. Scripps is known for its programs in the arts and the humanities and is academically challenging. Naturally, we attract a fair share of artsy and studious individuals. Many of who like to read. A lot. And really enjoy their classes. 2. Some Scrippsies like to have fun and go out on the weekends. And maybe on weekdays too (the Claremont Colleges have an official, school-sponsored party every night of the week except for Monday). 3. We share this stereotype with all women's colleges. Scripps (along with all five Claremont Colleges) has a visible and welcoming queer community. There are many resources for queer students and different LGBTQ organizations you can join. It's a pretty awesome place for LGBTQ students but it's also a great place if you're straight too.