Seattle Pacific University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Enjoy every moment of high school, everything happening in your life now will change. You will lose friends closest to you, you will lose your boyfriend, you will have a hard time adjusting to a new state and new lifestyle away from your mom. You will have a hard time saying goodbye to people you love the most. Take advantage of everything you have now and embrace it, you will miss it but college has so much in store for you. You will make so many amazing friends and meet so many interesting people. You will miss home and your mom but she will become your closest friend. Embrace your siblings because when youre a 2 1/2 hour plane ride away, you will miss them when you see kids their age around school. Embrace everything and everyone. Enjoy your last year of high school but get excited for the next big adventuer of your life.


Don't be afraid to be who you know you are inside. Sometimes you will feel lonely, you will feel desperate and out of place, but it will always work out. Out in the country people are all the same, and you are diffferant, in the city they are all different and all the same. They will be familiar faces of strangers and that is a great comfort. Some things do not change. That is good. Don't be upset that they don't change because it most other things do change. You are rolling your eyes now, but I promise you, you know I am right. You are so excited to leave and then you will be excited to come back. You will find that who you have been hiding is the person that people love. So go be yourself, as cliche as it is. Your own skin is just fine. You will make friends. You will have fun, and your life will change. The funny thing is you won't even notice until you take a backwards glance.


Everything is going to be fine, you just need to relax andunderstand what needs to be done. Get two jobs over the summer and please do not spend it on fast food. That money will save your life when you have to pay your monthly fee. Also, that card that mom gave you that was full of money. Don't touch it. Just give it to her. That money will also help you in the end. Manage your deperession please, don't think you can do it alone. Make sure to get a job in Seattle as soon as you get there and be more reserved so you can focus more on work. You're going to meet a boy and become friends with a boy named Paul and he is going to die on June 5. We were okay friends then but please become his best friend. Watch Kill Bill with him, go out for long strange walks with him, and watch his incredible dance skills. It will hurt more than it does now when you have to lose him but then you'll get the full experience. Otherwise you'll do fine.


My words of wisdom would be: do not let anything hold you back! It will seem from time to time that your world is crumbling around you- but that's called life! The funny thing is that it won't always go as expected. But do not let those changes stop you for one minute. If anything, let those moments of sadness, fear, or just plain confusion turn into motivation. That determination can keep you focused on accomplishing your goals. Those alternate routes will end up being the times in life that you grow the most. As much as the happy times in life are needed, so are the discouraging. If they weren't there, how would you get stronger? Keep pushing forward. Know that things have a way of working out, even if it's not according to your plan. In the end, life goes on. Don't let one failure hold you back, let it go. In the end, take what life throws at you and use it to your advantage. Be appreciative of the little things, strive for success, and truly love the life you have been given.


I would tell myself to not worry what people think about me in highschool. Highschool is only a small season of our life, and therefore it does not matter whether or not you have friends, are popular, or have a date to prom. I would tell myself that someday you will be looking back at the faded pictures of highschool and realize that after highschool is your chance to restart your life proud and confident of what you will accomplish in college that will affect you reaching your dream career. I would also advise myself that complaining and being negative about highschool wont help myself reach college. It will only slow myself down and bring depression. Instead I would advise to be happy for what will happen in the future, and to be positive so you can inspire others while you finish highschool even though you may despise every hour of highschool.


If I was able to talk to myself as a senior, I would recommend working on my time management skills. It seemed easy, to only have three to four classes per quarter, rather than six, but I spent almost three or four hours per *night* on my calculus homework. I also would have told myself that socializing is a huge part of college, but you can get on without it. It is incredibly useful to have friends to do homework with, but going out to get coffee or watching a movie is rare. I needed to know how to spend my time more effectively, because I slacked off in my first quarter. After I started to fail calculus, I put my studies in front of absolutely everything else, and did not hang out on weekends or evenings. I needed to use my time more effectively, and cutting out a social life did that. After being lonely for a while, I began to find a better balance between being social, and working hard. Scheduling my week on Sundays made my life easier to manage, and therefore more fulfilling and fun.


If I could go back to when i was a high school senior, knowing what i know now in life, I would tell myself to move back to Missouri and not stay in Arizona. Along with this, i would tell myself what I will be doing with my life; so one, don't take things for granite, but also don't take a year off to decide. I would let the high school senior Jacob know to apply and Seattle Pacific University and go. Make sure to save up a good amount of money, and make sure you get grants and scholarships because they will help out a lot; especially with SPU. Lastly, I would tell myself that no matter what happens with life and family, make sure you actually do this; don't let things get in the way. It is always great to think of others and help them out, but you also have to think of yourself and make you happy.


Be prepared for anything. Each person's college experience will be so different. Know yourself well and what you want as you enter college. Be comfortable with yourself because this is a time that you get to choose to just be you. The first year of college will pass more quickly than you can imagine, so choose to live each day intentionally! Even more so than high school, college is truly what you make of it and requires more effort on your part. So don't be afraid to jump all in when you want to do something. At the same time, remember that you need balance. Life in college can easily get too chaotic too fast. Know what you need and what you want and do not be afraid to cut out everything else.


Be social! Make sure to make friends the first couple weeks, because that makes the transition so much easier. People here are happy to meet you, and are welcoming and kind.


I would tell my high school senior self to figure out how to study NOW. I regret not taking my study habits seriously. During my freshman year, I struggled with figuring out exactly how I study best - which took a toll on my grades. I also regret not being very involved in high school (clubs, socially, on-campus activities). I feel as though I missed out on some good opportunities on being socially active. I almost always stuck to my close group of friends and I feel that made me "forget" how to make new friends. I got so comfortable with a small group of people that I didn't know how to fit MYSELF in once I got to college - out of state, not knowing anyone in this state/school, etc.


I would tell myself to definitely apply apply apply for scholarships. Dont just brush them to the side and think you will have time for them later. Because eventually time flies, deadlines pass and you do not want to be taking out loans on top of loans just to have a good college education. I would also tell myself to change my study habits. High school is nothing like college. You cant get away with not studying and half attempting assignments. In high school teachers held your hands and helped you graduate, but in college you are on your own. You have to learn to be independent and not really rely on others because in turn YOU are the one responsible for your decisions. YOU are the one who can make or break your life road. I would also tell myself to make sure to still keep in contact with family and close friends. Just because you go off to college doesnt mean you have to cut ties. It is good to have old friends and family to talk to and catch up with sometimes. It brings the sense of home into the dorm life.


Get the prerequisites out of the way first, don't dive in to what you think your major will be. It will almost, most-definitely, change. Many times. Also do not go into college with a girlfriend. You'll be just fine, there is nothing to worry about. You have the skills and tools to do well.


While doing academically well is important in high school as well as college, I would give myself the advice to learn to enjoy school. In high school I was extremely focused on maintaining a near 4.0 GPA while taking academically rigorous courses. While I formed great study habits for college which have enabled me to be academically successful in college, I think that I did not allow myself to enjoy school as much as I should have. Joining extracurricular activities or hanging out with friends is important because balance is necessary to enjoy school best. I realize now that life is more about the journey than the destination. While it is important to do your best in school so that you can reach your goals in life, it is just as important to have fun while striving to reach them. Learning to enjoy where you are at in life or in school is important because you will not always enjoy your career, but life is more fun for yourself and those around you if you have a positive attitude.


Find activities that you love would be my first advice. Do not be afraid to jump into things because you like them and do not let your fears hold you back from anything. And I would say some of the most helpful advice would be do not worry too much about friends. Friends are what makes the college experience, but the truth is for the first quarter they change so much. The next piece of advice I would have would be considering your room. Know the space you have, visit. My room is rather small, however, there is a lot of storage. Know if your room is small, bring lots of small things, but if it is big go ahead and bring the big things such as the large storage units, but if there is no place for those, there is no place. One thing that I would suggest bringing lots of no matter the size of your room is, would be clothes. You never want to do laundry, so avoid it by having more clothes. Also concerning clothes, make sure to bring some of everything. Wacky, formal and normal. There are so many different types of events on campus.


Nursing is a very competitive major in colleges all over. After attending a 4-year university my first year of college, then returning home to a 2-year community college, there are many things I would do different. The main thing I wish I could go back and change is the fact that I transferred from a university to a community college. Taking all of my pre-requisites at the 4-year university that I intended to attend nursing school at is the smartest decision I could have made. Nursing programs want to see that you took pre-requisites at their university, not somewhere else. A student is more likely to get into a nursing school by taking all of your pre-requisites with them. I wish I could go back and not transfer to my local community college. I also would have studied more and harder to make better grades. Nursing school is one of the toughest schools to get into because it is such a demanding and popular field.


Open up more, girl! I know you hold alot of pain inside you, and I know that others probably had their perceptions of you in stone after attending the same school for 12 years, but if you can change so completely, why can't they? You had an amazing graduating class! So many of them so grounded, so genuine, so tallented, so brilliant! You needed to have used those years to smile more, to connect more with these people, to love more and to blossom more! Also, you SERIOUSLY needed to join band sooner! I know it's scary and alot of pressure, but Mr. Smith is awesome, being a band geek is an absolute blast, and you will grow so much there! Put down the knife Victoria, stop crying and cutting yourself in the bathroom. Stop putting YOURSELF in the position of the outcast. What have you got to lose? Love more, smile more, BE more. Your grades were awesome though, keep it up!


As a senior I was unsure of a lot of things. I even thought I was going to be working a standard job to keep a roof over my head. If I were to go back in time and give myself some advice, I would very simply, and very calmly, slap myself outside the head and tell her to get her butt in gear! I always felt there was no point, and that there was nothing I could do, yet everything was there if I just looked hard enough. I was too busy thinking I didn’t have the right or ability to do anything that I couldn’t see the opportunities that I had and the potential that I could be accomplishing. Life isn’t as bad and you don’t have to just settle for what you have. Everyone has the right to reach for the stars, and I have always had the skills and ability to do so. With that in mind I would be in store for a very stubborn and passionate agreement, but that’s what I needed back then. Sometimes it’s all people need to finally get moving. It’s what I needed.


As we move through life, we often find ourselves looking back on our past attempting to determine where we went wrong, or what we did right. The college years are a time when this, I believe, is at its height because it is a time of growth and change. If I were to help my younger self make the college transition I would say this: Lauren, be yourself. Choose the school that fits who you are so that you may thrive in your faith and in your person. Don't be afraid to put yourself out there and seek out friends that care about what you care about; you will be better for it. Keep in mind that this period in your life is a time meant for discovery--whether it be finding a career or starting a life on your own. Adventure! Try crazy new things! You are allowed to not have all the answers, so take life as it comes. You have your entire life ahead of you to settle down, so right now be free! Be poor, be uncertain, be yourself right where you are and thrive. You'll figure it all out, I promise.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to push myself, no matter what. I would tell myself to think through every decision that I make and think about everyone that the decision would affect, rather than just myself. I would tell myself that the most important thing is to keep my relationship with God as a first priority. I would also tell myself not to change who I am for anyone. I would tell myself not to procrastinate getting a job, and to save money as much as I can. Mostly, I would tell myself to be friendly to everyone and to keep my focus off of myself and on what God's will is for me.


I would advise myself to really focus on school, and if possible work a little less. It made a huge difference when I stopped working and was able to completely focus on school. I would also tell myself to get out there, to join a club and try something new. I would also suggest living on campus, at least for a year. I feel I really missed out on the whole "college experience" since I would have to head home after classess. I advise speaking your mind, because others arent afraid to do it. Dont be afraid to make a splash! Continue to talk to others you see sitting quietly, for they may just be waiting for someone to say hello. This is an opportunity to learn about other cultures, and make friends from different countries! Enjoy!


Everything is going to be okay. Stop worrying. Those are the words I would tell my high school self if I could go back into time. Yes the whole idea of being away from your parents, friends, and home is a very scary and almost terrifying thought, but once you get settled into the groove of your fabulous school and you begin to venture out and meet new, better friends and discover the world through your own eyes and experiences, you will forget the reason why you were every scared at something as simple as college. At times, college can even be easier than high school ever was; except when it comes to midterms and finals week. But that is only one week of your life! One week is nothing compared to the other 51 weeks in the year. Just breathe, slow down, take a deep, long breath, and be excited. Not scared. There is nothing to be scared, nervous, or terrified of!


My advice would be to really proactive. If you want anything in college, you have to for it. You can't just wait for opportunities to fall into your lap. The people who got the coolest jobs, were accepted to awesome study abroad programs, and who got involved with the great things going on on campus worked ahead and pursued the things they wanted before everyone else. If you want to do something in college, go for it! Don't wait! Also, it's really important to be proactive with your schoolwork. I know it's been said a thousand times, but it's really important not procrastinate on schoolwork. If you have free time, start on that essay because who knows, your friends might invite you to go do something really cool on the night before your paper is due and you will have to say no. Your best work isn't done at the last second. Procrastinating is stressful and you don't need to add more stress to your life. Be the controller of your own destiny! A little hard work ahead of time will really pay off in the end.


Start early on scholarships and financial aid. College is hard to pay for and anything helps. Ask your family memebers how they managed, utilize your financial aid counselor, and most of all don't be lazy! Really put the time in. Also you will see a direct financial pay out for good grades so work hard to get them, even if that means sacrificing a few things, like a social life. Talk to all your professors immediately, make sure they know your name and face, they will be the greatest help to you. Appreciate everything that happens to you , get involved on the campus. Tough stuff will come along, but smile the whole way through it, let it make you stronger. there will be people you don't like, they probably don't like you either so just let it be. Focus on the ones you do like and enjoy their company. Love what you are doing at your school, if you don't love it change it. There is always something new to try, so try it.


You've been so worried the past four years about getting the best grades possible in order to get into the best school possible. You've worked hard and it will pay off, but take a second to stop and think about what college is all about. College is a time of discovery. Your freshman year of college one of the biggest transitional years of your life. You leave home, you become more independent, you completely start over. You get to reinvent yourself and discover who you truly are. When it's all said and done, it doesn't matter what college you end up at. Nobody cares what you got on the SAT or what your GPA was. They want to know where you're from, what your interests are, and what you want to do with your life. Who you are is what matters. Spend a little less time worrying about your test scores and more time on discovering who you are and who you want to be. The most important part of college isn't your major or GPA, it's about what you discover and how you become the person you're meant to be.


I would tell myself to not be afraid to let down my guard and be myslef. Too much time got wasted, especially in high school, trying to fit into the mold of what other people wanted me to be. Come freshmen year of college I didn't know who I was and was too scared to let myself find out. I look back now and wonder how differently my college life would have played out, now entering my senior year, if I hadn't let fear stop me from coming into my own sooner, and letting my personality shine. I would also tell myself, that it is okay not to have everything figured out, not to stress when I get to college and have to change my major/career aspirations 5 or more times. I would make sure to tell myself to enjoy life and the people who are important. College may be about academics, but it is the people who make the place worth staying in. Study hard, play hard, enjoy every second.


That this upcoming year will be very rough and overwhelming, but that you have the ability and support to get through it. Don't be afraid of new ideas and trying new things. Every season that you go through you go through for a reason and everything, no matter what the changes are, will work out. Things may get to the point of feeling utterly unbearable, but it WILL work out.


The funny thing about cliches is that they often speak more truth than any other collection of words can. That being said, I would tell myself as a high school senior, "Be true to yourself." Listen to the shoulds, the musts, the need tos, and the have tos--I should go to this party, I must study for twelve hours instead of sleeping, I need to be perfect, I have to graduate in four years-- but only translate those to wills that fit for you. I will do this, I will do that. Make choices that bring fulfillment to you and others. From self-help books to advice columns to the wisdom of friends and family, there are many voices; however, ultimately, these do not outweigh your own. Embrace who you are, love yourself, and make college your own.


Hello to my senior self!There is so much advice that I have for you.First off ,take a little time off between high school and college,not too much though, I would suggest about a year. Get yourself a job and have a little fun.Plan out your future for it is so important.Think about what career you will enjoy before you jump into something that might not fit your lifestyle in the future.What do you truly see yourself doing?Will you have children and get married?You must consider all of this when you are deciding your future.When you start school, be prepared.It is all up to you at this piont.You might struggle a little with finances,it will be ok though,just work as nuch as you can and it is ok to take out a few loans it will pay for itself if you stay comitted to your future.Pay attention in class,listen to what your professors have to say,take thier advice,use the tutors that are offered, don't be afraid to ask for help.Most importantly do your homework,this is where you will learn the most.


First and foremost, I would tell myself that I needed to step out and get involved. I would tell myself to take on every single opportunity presented to me that I found even semi-interesting. Otherwise, they might end up bored and would have more difficulty finding a crowd to fit into. The beginning months of college can definitely be lonely. And I'd warn them that their first friends at college would probably not be the ones they stayed with throughout their college years; I spent time with all sorts of people throughout my first few months at college and finally found my niche during my winter quarter. I'd tell them to be sure to study hard, but not to stress out because freshman year doesn't throw too many curveballs. Another thing I'd tell myself is too apply for scholarships non-stop. The full expense of college doesn't really hit home at first, especially when you have your first year covered financially. Lastly, I'd tell them to make sure to have fun; to pursue their interests, to seize chances to get involved, to play intramural sports, and to enjoy the experience of college.


Krista, Your life has changed so much in the last year. You successfully completed your first year of college while your family life fell apart around you because of your parents' divorce. I want you to remember that you are a strong young woman with great things ahead of you! Here is my advice to you: don't be so scared of college; it's seriously the best thing ever. I cried like a baby on move-in day, but this year has actually been the best year of my life, despite all of the sorrow at home. Don't let fear guide you! Make intentional decisions that challenge you, but don't make big decisions based on needless pressure you give yourself (You don't need to do a study abroad right away! You have three more years; take your time.). Finally, when you open up to others, they open up to you, and those are some of the most special moments. The friendships that you are going to create are important, and need nurturing to grow. They grow by sharing, so don't be afraid to share your story. You'll love college, Krista! Love, Future Krista


The opportunity of going back in time would be something assistive in terms of affecting the future. For this reason if I could encounter myself back in high I would give three advices about Collage. The advices would be about life as a collage student, expectations, and desires. Fist of all, to be a collage student is not as easy as we think it is when one is at high school. To be a collage student requires commitment and strength; is not only a privilege of important to maintain focus in your own expectations. Ask yourself what is that you really want in your future? The goal of being a professional starts at collage not by acquiring a degree but by learning the responsabilities as a person, is the ability to be committed to something more. Therefore, one as a student must not be lead by desires and impulses that could jeopardize the expectations of future life. As a student one must be able to place some priorities. Life as a collage student is much more than what we expect.


Some advice I would give myself as a senior would be to save money, and to study harder. Saving money is important because college is extremly expensive. Even if the college tuition and fees are paid off, having an emergency savings account is important in case a gratuitous amount of expenses come up. Finally, studying harder would be the most vital portion of my advice. If my grade point average was higher, more scholarships would be available to me. I would also have a wider range of universities to choose from. In short, I would tell myself as a high school senior to make better academic choices, and avoid reckless spending.


Really start thinking about scolarships now. Make things easier for yourself when you start applying. Have all your paperwork together, so everything is easier to find. Drive even more slowly when it's icy out, It will save you a lot of money. Don't let people get you down, or get in the way of what you're going to acheive. Keep on keeping on.


I would tell myself to work even harder to obtain good grades so that I could recieve more scholarship for school. I would also tell myself to start looking for a job in the area that I was planning to go to school in. That way I would not have to worry about looking for a job and getting good grades the first quarter of school. I would also make sure to tell myself to cherish the time I had left with my family before I left for school. I would tell myself the same thing about my friends from high school. I would also tell myself to start networking even before I got to college. I think it would be good to have a good network of people before school started. Overall I would tell myself to make sure I prepared for college while still enjoying the time I had left at home.


Don't be afraid of doing things. Even though they might be scary, they are wonderful. Don't let your body get in your way. It may not be perfect, but it has no right to keep you from doing what you want, from wearing what you want, and from feeling good. I know it is awkward and hard to get that into your mind, but is so much better in the long run. Also, hang out with the people you know who love you. Don't try to be with the so called cool people. It will never be as satisfying as you think it will. Do. Do. Do what you love. Do what you wouldn't normally do. Do it, because you never know who is watching. There might be a young girl who has problems with her weight too, and is watching to see what you do. You have the power to encourage people. But you also have the power to discourage with a single action. Choose the former. Do it. Do love people. Do love people that seem unloveable. Do love with your whole heart. It is always better that way. Do. Do. Please, please, do.


If I could return and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself to prepare for a wonderful four years ahead. College will be more work than you expect but at the same time it will be much more fun. Prepare to be matured and shaped more than you thought possible and to realize how much your family truly means to you. Don't wish for the time to go by fast and don't take any moment for granted. Enjoy all four years because it goes by so quickly!


Live in the present moment. The longer I'm in college, the more I am soaking in the reality of becoming an adult. The older you get, the more responsibility you begin to have. Being a high school student is a season in life that goes by so fast. I used to worry so much about my future and I remember stressing over tests and AP exams. Being academically driven is important, but in the midst of all this craziness, there are so many times that I simply spent way too much time worrying about my future rather than simply enjoying the present moment. Most of my conversations were about the future and not about how things are in the here and now. I wish I could've spent more time basking in the sun with my friends, talking about girls, personal opinions, faith, philosophy, and much more rather than being consumed by the uncertainty of my future. I would tell my old high school self, "The only moment you have for certain is the present moment. You can't change the past, and you have no control over the future. Just spend every moment to it's fullest capacity."


Get excited! Enjoy every day of college because it is an incredibly, fun, unique, challenging, and eye-opening experience. Be open to everything at first... all the clubs, activities, service groups, intramurals, and late-night adventures, the new ideas, people, areas of study and career paths you haven't considered. Explore and take advantage of the countless opportunities available to you. But remember, don't overcommit; choose the things that really interest you and dive in. College can be scary because of the new ideas you'll encounter in class or in relationships... you'll realize you aren't right about everything! Consider all these new concepts, weigh them against your morals and convictions, talk about them with friends, professors and mentors and be humble enough to accept new ideas. Also, remember that although you're away from home you can't outrun your personal problems; find those you can trust to confide in and walk with. Who knows, these could become lifelong friends! Most of all, don't be afraid to take risks. Everything is new: the academics, the pace, the people, the place, but take the risk of diving into every aspect of college. It's worth it!


I would suggest taking AP classes and studying hard for the AP tests. If you do well on them, then you will receive credit in required areas for them and allow you more time to take other classes. College is harder than high-school so just be prepared to work harder. College is all about time-management and balancing your academic life with your social life. Try to be open to new things and be adventurous. However, it is imperative that you have the ability to say no to things when you need to study or complete a project. You must be disciplined in order to get good grades. Professors are more than willing to help you succeed if you are willing to work hard. If you ever have any questions, ask your professors in person or e-mail them. It is important to make quality friends who are motivated and will be a good influence on you in all aspects of your life. Do not focus so hard on getting your degree but rather try to learn different things in and out of the classroom. Enjoy the journey in college because you only get to do it once!


I was not the student I am today, in high school. This being said, my first set of advice to myself would be to work really hard to get my GPA as high as possible so that I could get into the school of my choice and receive scholarship money to attend. To give you an idea of how much I have improved as a student since high school; here is what my high school GPA looked like. In high school I was barley a 3.0 student graduating. Now, I have been attending a community college for 3 years and working on average two jobs at a time. But I have also maintained a 4.0 GPA at my school and have recently become a Phi Theta Kappa member. The second set of advice I would give to myself, as a senior in high school would be to study hard for the SAT. Finally, I would urge myself to search for financial aid no matter how frustrated it would make me. I have noticed over the years that there are not many financial aid opportunities for current college students as there are for graduating high school seniors.


don't worry! it all works out in the end :)


After starting college and having to pay for it alone, i've learned how truly difficult it is to work and be a full-time student. I now know how precious free time is and often wish there was more. Through my first year I have aready unlocked just a small piece of knowledge cmpared to what is awaiting me. In would say in so many words: Enjoy seeing your family and friends every weekend and living so close because it won't always be that simple. Keep putting God first in everything you do, no matter what. Sometimes we go through seasons, just know that a brighter day is coming even if it feels dark and overwhelming. Read your Bible, you actually don't know very much, there is so much more to learn.Talk to your professors, they really care and will help you during this transition. Dont stress about your major God will lead your path. If things start to feel like they aren't going as planned, stay calm, rest and know that God is in control. If at first something doesnt work out, it's not a failure, just a closed door, so be greatful.


Know that I am merely graduated, I would advise my high school self to not put a heavy emphasis on myself and serve others. In my life I survived poverty, middle class, and upper middle class. Also, I experienced discrimination being the minority against the majority in both the Latino world and the American world. In addition, I survived a broken household that dealt with verbal abuse, physical abuse, purgatory, adultery, cancer, anorexia, and suicidal attempts. While my other siblings were unable to survive our broken household, education provided my escape. As a student I desired to attend a University so that I can become a teacher not for the benefit of others but for my only personal gain. How selfish was I? It was after I experienced death in college that my perspective changed. I realized that in the end when we die, we die. However, the lives of those we influenced will forever remain. Thus I realize that whether as a teacher, a friend, or a mere citizen of Seattle, what I do should be driven by the purpose to serve and better the life of another.


"Wise men don't need advice. Fools won't take it."


Dear Katherine, Be aware. There are many challenges up ahead but you can accomplish anything as long as you do it with your heart. Don't let fear hold you back, don't let anything hold you back. Okay now for the official stuff. Don't miss out in highschool. Its worth the experience. Get involved in musicals, play an instrument, practice more golf, talk to your teachers, and become a leader. I know you like ot challenge yourself, so still strive hard to make your A's. However, balance is essential because in college and the workplace they like well rounded people. Oh of course, don't forget, NO PROCRASTINATION. Its a killer. Overall, I trust you'll do the right thing. You may regret some things, but there are memories you will treasure forever. So don't be afraid of not knowing what to do. Enjoy life and the experience it blesses you with. Like I said wherever your heart is, is where you will succeed.


Dear Ashley, Even though you don't think it's very important to try your best in high school it helps you out so much in college. Taking classes in high school that will transfer as a college credit helps you get ahead in college. I know that you didn't think it was a big deal to apply for scholarships in high school but it would have made a big difference. By the time your in your third year at Klamath Community College your going to be worrying about how you'll pay your tuition when you start going to Southern Oregon University. Your going to start looking for scholarships and many of them will require that your a high school senior so it may seem like your limited to very few scholarships. Take my advice before it's too late. Look in to available scholarships and apply for them. You really have nothing to lose. And when you begin college try your hardest and in the end it will be so worth it. Love, Your 20 Year Old Self


Dear naive and stressed out high school senior, PLEASE, calm down and relax! I know you are being told that it is time to plan out your future; it is time to plan out the start that will lead to the rest of your life. While this is partly true, there is no need to worry. I know there are a lot of options out there, which is why it is important to finish out your senior year with a good work ethic and high grades so you are able to get into the college of your dreams. There are various elements to consider when looking at colleges but there is one that is most important. Find out what you personally are trying to get out of college; this could be a great education or a social experience, either way go to the location that fits your needs. Some colleges are expensive and will cause you to get into debt, but realize, throughout your life you will have bills so one more will not kill you. There are financial options to take and even one year of college will be well worth the money paid. Go ahead, take the leap.


First off, spend time with the family. I wish I'd shown my family with my companionship how much they mean to me. It's a lot harder be close to your family when they're in a different state. Friends are incredibly important too. I realized the day after graduating high school, that I would no longer see many of my close friends five days a week, and many of them I haven't connected with once since that day. I forgot to keep in contact with friends that I may never see again. There's a lot of free time to be consumed over the summer between high school and college. Spend as much of that time as possible with friends and family. When that isn't available, work and read. Worrking, you'll make a few extra dollars to put toward books, tuition or even snack food. I didn't read nearly as much as I could have, that presented a challenge when I began college. I had a hard time getting used to the reading workload. Had I read during the previous months I would have found the transition much easier.


I decided to go to school 1100 miles from home. The toughest part of going to school that far was saying goodbye to my friends and family knowing it would be several months before I would see them again. I am not able to meet them somewhere to hang out, or go to my uncle’s house for dinner anymore. I have to wait for a holiday, or a special occasion in order to come home since plane tickets are so expensive nowadays, I cannot come every weekend. If I could go back, and give myself advice during my senior year, it would be to spend more time with my friends and family while I had the chance. Even though I would be traveling home every once and awhile and I could call them to talk to them, it is always important to spend time with your friends and family, because one day they will be out of your life for good.


As important as high school seems now, I encourage you to consider the fact that in 9 short months you will find yourself in completely different circumstances. You will be around new people, in new places and dealing with much harder subjects. I encourage you to make the most of your time in high school, but remember that what happens to you and what you do now does not define you. While it will always be a part of you it does not make you, you. Study hard, even if you don't need to you'll need those skills to cope with the rigorous coursework in college. Remember the people you love and take good care of those relationships, your friends and family wil become your best means of support and dealing with loneliness and/or homesickness. While college is fun and independent and all the glamorous things you imagine, it is hard work. Relish the free time you have now and don't will away your time. You can never go back and you will miss it.