Seton Hall University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school is best known for the college of nursing. These women and men are very bright and future-oriented and there is a high job rate when graduating this program. I am in the college of nursing and it is alot of work and prepartion, but every single person works hard and sticks together as a team to get through the classes and student push eachother to do well. There is always support and help since the classes are difficult.


My school is known for the great atmopshere.


They are best known for their basketball team. They over emphasize everyones "school spirit" for the games and in general. The "school spirit" feels very forced and not a lot of people go to the games unless we're in the playoffs or something.


The Involvement Fair is my favorite tradition. Every single class or group or frat/sorority has a table on the green and all the students show up to learn more about what is offered to the students. Most of the time there is food or another type of entertainment.


No on dares to tread on the Seton Hall seal in the center of campus. You will see people running accross the green (the grass in the center of camous that the seal is located on). When they suddenly realize that the seal is in front of them, they freak out, stop, and run around it. Groups of people walk accross campus as classes get out and the group breaks up to walk around the seal. It is so cool and funny to watch. Legend has it that anyone who steps on the seal will not graduate. If you do step on the seal, you have to run from the seal to the pirate statue in front of the rec center in under 30 seconds (even the track kids can't do it).


This school is know for the quality of education that they deliver, which is the most important reason to me to select them.


The school is known for their business school. Students are eager to learn and do well that the school is ranked top 10.


the most advanced in technology and one of the best law school in NJ


The Stillman School of Business.


Our school is know for its small size and close proximity to New York City. Seton Hall has great internship opportunities because of how close it is to the city and big corporations constantly looking for interns. We also have a great town center, the Village of South Orange with great little shops and restaurants to hang out and relax with friends.


Seton Hall Basketball, the Pirates


People may often say Basket ball, but I believe we are known for our faculty.


Basketball, Baseball, Business and Law School




Basketball, business, education.


high academics in a caring, catholic environment that strives to make all students high achievers and successful in their careers.


The school is best known for the sports management program and the stillman school of business.


Buisness and Nursing is what Seton Hall is known for academically. Seton Hall is also known for the fire in Boland Hall where 3 students were killed.