Seton Hall University Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


All of my professors know my name and remember me from semesters I have been in their classes. My absolute favorite classes were Shakespeare taken with Dr. Sherman, British Literature II taken with Dr. Farina, and Exceptional Child taken with Dr. Glaser. All of these classes were required for me to take given my double major in English and Education. I largely depends on the class you are in to determine class participation. I have noticed that smaller classes have more participation and all of my Education classes had a large amount of participation. Classes that are required of students generally do not have much participation. If students elected to be in that class, they generally participate. Students are not very competitive. This is not to say they aren't smart, but they are not openly competitive or mean spirited about doing well in class. I think everyone comes together in class to help each other out and build off of one another for class discussion.


Seton Hall has a good reputation academically. I came into school here as a political science major and before my junior year have switched my major quite a few times. I was going to go to grad school for Occupational Therapy, but decided to instead pursue a graduate degree in Accounting (I will do that for one year here after my undergrad) And as someone who has changed my major many times I can tell you what I have experienced. Basically I have found that everything very much varies. Some majors, such as nursing are notoriously difficult and others are not known to be bad at all. There are teachers, who you will have unbelievable respect for and there are those who you will hate and curse in between cups of red bull as you cram for whatever unspeakably horrible exam you know will be coming the next day. Overall the teaching here is good and there are internships available through the career center. Even though school learning can never totally prepare you for whatever career path you are pursuing, Seton Hall makes an honest effort.


The professors at Seton Hall University are really friendly and smart, and because the class size is so small it is very easy to develop a relationship with the professors on campus. The professors always make time for his/her students and offer excellent help and advice in regards to present classwork/situations and future graduate/professional opportunities. The professors want to see his/her students excel and work to help them. The students, likewise, are willing to put a decent amount of time, effort and hard work into his/her coursework to make sure that he/she excels in their major. I would not say that the students are so super competitive that they work 24/7, but the students who do attend SHU understand the importance of hard work and the benefits of a great education which is why they will work as hard as they can without overexerting him/herself.


Academics here at Seton Hall are challenging, but in just the right format to keep the students active in their education. In my program, nursing, the professors are always on hand to help the students succeed. In fact, one of my professor stayed extra time after class to help me clarify and practice a concept that was very difficult for me to grasp. Furthermore, my program educates students for the purpose of learning. If you do not get a good grade in a certain class, you are still guaranteed to walk out knowing a variety of information that you didn't before. My favorite class is tough since I have had so many awesome classes here. However, if I had to choose, it would be my Health Assessment class. This class is geared at preparing student nurses for the hospital environment by educating them in vital signs and interacting with patients on a healthcare basis. Students here are dedicated to the point where studying is a common habit, yet there are still plenty of events offered here that can help one relax when studying gets to be a bit too much. For my program, the academic requirements are perfect since they prepare one for success in nursing. The requirement of at least a C in my classes drives the competition to go above and beyond in striving for success.


Academics is a very strong point of Seton Hall University. There are many different programs and schools that you can study within the University itself such as the College of Nursing, College of Arts and Sciences, and the Stillman School of Business ( and these are just a few). Besides lecture classes, class size is usually rather small and professors tend to get to know their students and call them by name. The faculty and professors at Seton Hall are very personable and approachable. They are always willing to help a student when in need and even set up office hours for when a student needs advisement. When you walk into the library, there is never a time when it is not filled with students studying. It is open till 1am and during finals week 24 hours. Many students like to use the group study rooms with other students in their class because it can be very helpful. I am an Elementary/Special Education and Speech Language Pathology Major. This program at SHU is great because it gives great preparation for actually becoming a teacher. Starting sophmore year, every semester I had a field placement in which I was placed in different school settings and was given the chance to observe a real classroom for 72 hours per semester. The fall of my senior year I completed my student teaching experience and had the opportunity of shadowing a teacher and then eventually taking over her role in the classroom. This gave me great a great perspective on all of the roles and responsibilities needed to become a teacher.


Most of the classes at Seton Hall range from 15-40 students per classroom. (There are a few courses that are taken in lecture halls and big groups though). The professors really try to know the names of the students and help them excel in the classroom. A tip I can give is to always show interest and ask questions after class or during office hours. This will help the professor not only know your name, but know you truly care about doing well in the course. Students usually form study groups before big tests (very helpful). SHU definitely prepares students for graduate programs and has a great acceptance rate for those programs.


Classes are small so professors get to know your name but you have to put yourself out there. Just because it is a small school does not mean that everyone is going to know your name, even professors learn your name at the end of the semester, if not at all.. Academic requirements are ridiculous, some core classes are a waste of time, all based on religion.


All my professors know my full name and a little bit about me. Even the big lecture classes like general biology 1 and 2 or general chemistry 1 and 2 (I'm a Biology/Pre-med major). The lecture classes freshman year for Biology are about 120 students but the professors remember you if you talk to them even once. The Chemistry department is terrible the Biology department is worth it. It is SOOOO amazing! Almost every Biology professor is amazing at teaching. They are interesting and really prepare you for the MCAT. They take time to help you if you need it (Chemistry included).


The academics are great. Classes are relatively small with about 20 to 30 students in each class so the professors know their students and engage them in their lectures. It is very easy to get extra help for classes by the actual professors and/or tutors as well.




Academics here are absolutely the best! I am currently a Political Science Major with a minor in Criminal Justice and I can say from my own experience that the classes are top notch. Also if you want a class where students discuss and take the topic and run with it this is a school that is experts in because I have not been in class that a professor just talks and talks. They will ask a question and halfway through the class we are still discussing or debating the question. Professors are also really easy to get a hold of so if you ever have a question you can just email them and they usually get an answer back to you within that very same day. The school is also so close to New York City that there are so many internships in the area and I know so many seniors that are becoming regular employees for the internships they had over the school year. So our school is very helpful at finding jobs and if you still haven't found that job yet our career center will help you every step of the way!


Since SHU is such a small school, it is easy to have personal relationships with your professors. Many times, the professors have favorites due to personal relationships, but as long as you do your work, teachers won't hold anything against you. Likewise with advisers- my relationship with my adviser is probably the strongest one I've made on campus, especially since they are the ones guiding students about what classes to take and what interesting events on campus are coming up. I'm in the Business school with a concentration in Marketing. I came into school with a Business Undecided major and as a senior, I wish I could go back and change my major completely, probably to psychology or another social science. Not because of the Marketing program, but the lack of advertising major available. The business classes are tailored to real world experiences which definitely help when students graduate.


Academics are very strong. I've had really good teachers that are very challenging. Class are usually pretty small like 20 or so. Largest class I've heard of is 200 for anatomy. Professors are really open and will sometimes give you their cell phone numbers.


The academic setting at SHU is wonderful, the faculty to student ratio is only 14:1. The class sizes are small which leads to engaged professors who track students development and are always willing to help in and out of the classroom. A small percentage of the students here seem to not care much about academics and they kind of bring down some of the classes but if you're motivated and care there are plenty of opportunities to get a great well-rounded education.


Professors here are will get the classic professor that you can't understand or just hate, which is at every school I would think, but in general the professors here are very good and keep you interested in your course of study.


I LOVE my major and my professors. Not only do they have weekly office hours but they're always only an email away. Some give out home and cell numbers just in case you need some extra help. They'll even work around you're schedule for meeting times and extra practice. We have any kind of tutor you could need and plenty of them so there's always someone to help. Not to mention the peer editing center for help with papers, career center for internship and job placement opportunities, and plenty of guest speakers and access to anyone in NYC. The city is only 14 miles away so you have access to all NYC can offer.


Some professors are not bad at all and I really love taking their classes and wind up trying to take them for another class within my major. But most of the professors don't know how to teach and wonder why more than half of the class is doing bad. My least favorite classes here are the religion courses because I think that is a waste of credits where I can take up something more useful to my degree. I enjoyed taking philosophy because Dr. Unna is one of the professors who you might fall in love with. Full of knowledge and always willing to lend a hand. The type of professor who encourages students to do good whether you want to or not without making it easy for you! Some professors you can talk to outside of class about anything and even if they don't care you cannot tell. Other professors you can hardly talk to about the course material. I think because of the success that is paired with Seton Hall's name it is easy to a job...well not easy but easier depending on your academic department because when people hear Seton Hall they automatically think great academics...well at least from my previous experiences from telling people the school I attend.


Yes they know my name. Favorite classes are arts and sciences cause they are easy. Study befor the test, but midterms and finals week before. Participation is based on how good the teacher is. Yes they have intellectual conversations. Yes they are competitive especially in business school!Unique classnot sure.