Seton Hall University Top Questions

What are your classes like?


My classes are only an hour and 15 minutes unless it's a night class. Fundamental classes are extremely easy but the CORE classes (which are required) completely suck. Definitely a waste of time and don't help you with anything in any other classes. For business classes, you don't really start to learn anything about your major until junior year which is kind of late.


My classes have from 20 to 35 students in them with one class, a psychology course, that has about 60 students in it. All of my teachers know me personally which is really great and helpful. The classes are very interactive.


My Biology classes are amazing. I learn so much! My favorite professor is the Cell Biology Professor. I just learned so much that it helped me in every single class after that. The Honors Calculus 2 teacher is so helpful. I know Calc 2 like the back of my hand now. THe Honors Program professors are amazing and really push your writing abilities. They helped us think like we never had before.