Seton Hall University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The student body is hard to get adjusted to. Im not someone that normally feels uncomfortable but here i did. Until i joined my sorority and found people to do things with.


Seton Hall is generally great - however, dealing with your advisor will make or break your experience. Many of my friends loved their advisors. I happened to be Pre-Med. The PreMed "Committee" is comprised of only one professor who is unkind and may or may not absolutely refuse to write a recommendation letter for you. There is a way around this, however. If you're dealing with someone uncooperative, stop the problem immediately and get a new advisor - there are plenty of really great faculty and staff members who would be much more willing to help.


Although Seton Hall offers a generous amount in scholarships, it also costs over $33,000 in scholarships and university fees alone (excluding room & board, text books, and miscellaneous expenses). This makes it hard to cover the entire costs of attending Seton Hall University for lower to middle income students. Although I had a 3.8 GPA average in high school, I was surprised and am frustrated that I will probably end up taking out $30,000 in loans total after my four years at Seton Hall.


A lot of what is said at orientation is not completely true and it is apparent that it a business out to make money. Things change once Seton Hall has you as a student. Many of the students are extremely well off and let the few who are there on academic scholarship know how many houses their parents have. The education for the criminal justice students and CORE class are not better than at any other colleges.


The matter of being a transfer student. At Seton Hall more emphasis is placed on incoming freshmen and not new transfer students. I am also having a very hard time getting financial Aide. I am at a point in my life where my parents feel as though they shouldn't be helping me, but the government feels a lot different. I am originally from Utah i am living across the country and wish that that would be taken into financial need indication along with what my parents earn.


The bursar office is the most frustrating because so many mistakes are made and charges often occur for no reason.


The financial aid/bursar office is ridiculously disorganized. They're visibly trying to improve but it's far too slow in this regard. Also, for such a technology focused school, they need to make room in the budget for the PC Support Services because they work hard but probably can' afford the amount of people they need to make things more efficient.


The athletic facilities could be better.


The help Financial Aid actually gives to students, especially me. They tend to look just at GPA and even though I have worked incredibly hard to be where I am I still struggle financially. There are students who hardly work and receive more aid than I do, and it's frustrating.


The difficulty of the classes. And the cost.


Scheduling classes and financing thr education


Bailey Hall! The most frustrating administration you've ever met, very anti-student in terms of finiancial help/registration


Isn't the most frustrating thing the worst? Anyway, it would have to be the food. Like I just stated, it starts out not being so bad, but once you eat it for a few weeks you just can't take it anymore. If not for the social aspect of eating, I think it would be a chore to eat. I know a lot of people claim that they gain weight when they home for the summer, since they lose weight from not eating the food here during the year.


That professors do not care when an activity takes up so much time that we pull all-nighters just to get work for our activity and the class done.


The housing rules are very strict. All the dorms in campus hold more than 5 fire drills in a year.


Being flexible in academic requirements and financial aid statuses


tuition price and parking


The most frustating thing about my school is the location of the classes. If one class is on one side of the campus, it will take me to go to another side of the campus to attend my next class.


The frustrating thing is paying for college. Tuition went up and now its making some second guess staying at the university.


The school costs so much money but the academic is not as challenging and rich in quality compared to my high school (it is about the same as my high school). Also, the school invests money in bringing students to the school, yet seem to put other things before thinking about the best for the students. Such an example is investing money in buildings rather than tightening security (because we live in a dangerous area).