Seton Hill University Top Questions

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Seton Hill University radiates a sense of community and family that is unique to the campus. Students and faculty alike are friendly and welcoming, making the campus a productive environment for students. There are a variety of outlets for students to interact with each other, as well as get to know people outside of their typical clique. It is a very diverse campus, which gives students the opportunity to broaden their horizons from when they were in high school.


The one unique thing about Seton Hill University that is an amazing community, it is like a small family. I know that it is a small university and that I was aware that it would be like that. Still I did not expect that everybody will be caring of one another, especially teachers know well each of their students.


athletic and very smart


unique aesthetic appearance, small community, on a hill, privacy, beautiful campus, old architecture


I transferred here from Temple University and I absolutely love it. Temple was in a large city and one year of that was definitely enough. I'm used to a small rural setting which is why I love the location of Seton Hill. I love the convenience of having a car and being able to drive to get groceries or to shop, instead of taking a subway everywhere. Also, since it's a smaller school, I receive alot more individualized attention, which I love!