Seton Hill University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about Seton Hill University? Why?


I would consider the lack of transportation to be the worst thing about Seton Hill. The very small campus is home to many out-of-state students that do not have a private form of transportation. The campus shuttles only take students to the off-campus school facilities. And because the campus is fairly secluded, it is very difficult for students to find ways off campus for recreational or necessary activites.




I think the worst thing is that since it is a smaller school, it's sort of like being in high school again. However, you aren't monitored like in high school, which makes it not too bad.


Right now, the dorm situation is the worst thing about our school. There are too many students and not enough dorm space. They want to keep expanding but we do not have enough rooms for everyone, or parking availability.


There is a severe student housing crisis occurring currently. Over 50 students are being forced to stay in a hotel in the city and shuttled to class by bus.


The school has a student population this is outgrowing its dorm buildings. It creates a lot of problems when students, especially freshmen need to find housing for the next school year. The growing population also creates a problem with the dining hall; it is too small for the number of students i attempts to hold, especially at dinner and lunch time.


THe fact that we do hot have enough housing. I am an RA this year and well I got screwed and have to have a roomate because they ran out of houseing, I am not a happy person. Also people are very BAD at returning phone calls and e-mails, the administrative part of the university needs some work in all the different areas.


It is a very expensive school...good...but expensive.