Seton Hill University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend Seton Hill University?


Someone who doesn't want to work, classes are very small so there is always a great chance of being called on during class. Someone who isn't academical driven.


I think the kind of person that shouldn't attend this school would be someone who likes a large school. Seton Hill is a very small school and everyone knows everyone. This is really good for academics because I usually know everyone in my classes and can ask to study with them anytime. But for someone who likes the big school feeling, Seton Hill is not the place for them.


Live your life at college to the fullest. Make friends and have fun, but also remember your school work is important, and when you get behind or miss too many classes it's hard to get caught back up.


Individuals solely focused on their major and choice of career should not attend Seton Hill. The University is a liberal arts and encourages students to think outside the box and have multiple opportunities available to them upon graduation. Students looking for a large campus with famous students should also not attend, as Seton Hill is a small university.


Someone who wants to be lost in the crowd. Someone who doesn't want to get to know the people that teach you and cook your food. If you just want to go to class and not get involved, you probably won't like the atmsophere. SHU is all about the students and what they give to the University.


I think a close minded person that is not willing to hear or see both sides of the picture would hate SHU. Also anyone that really wants to go to a big school SHU is a small tight knit community.


Someone who doesn't want to work hard and doesn't take themselves seriously.


A person who does not like a small college. News travels fast at Seton Hill University. If you have a car.


A person who loves city life or the idea of bigger state schools. Seton Hill is pretty small but it's perfect if that's what you're looking for. Also, people with any racial or social intolerance.


Seton Hill University is a campus that is accepting of all students. I would never say there is any type of person that should not attend this school. All are welcome here.