Shenandoah University Top Questions

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One thing that makes Shenandoah University so unique is its size and how there is such a strong sense of community. Everyone is friendly and willing to help each other find their way around. At Shenandoah University, we are tight knit family working together and supporting each other. My favorite thing about Shenandoah University is that the president knows me by name. At Shenandoah University, I am not merely another face or a number or just a name. I am a person with dreams and aspirations. I am a daughter of the stars, I am Shenandoah.


Shenandoah provides many opportunities for the students that most schools do not. They have many programs that take you outside of the country to get a better understanding of how your field of study really makes a difference. Every person is able to make a difference and I feel that Shenandoah gives you the opportunity to discover that for yourself. The school also has a strong focus on a gobal awarness. They get the students invovled with out of the country activities so we have that exposure to diversity.


Shenandoah University is a perfect fit for me. I came from a small high school that was like a second family to me. Shenandoah is similar to my high school in that aspect. Our teachers here know us and we're not just another person in a huge lecture hall. Also, I love that the campus is small and I don't have to take a bus just to get to class. Shenandoah is unique because all of us that are here really feel like we belong and are wanted. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else.


tis smaller


As far as an enviornment, UIC is every close to downtown and there are many good resteraunts and places to hang out and enjoy yourself with friends.


A University that is in my home town that provides the education in music that I wanted.


Its beautiful location and secluded atmosphere.


How small it is, nicer facilities