Simpson University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


The students are really nice and open minded about everything. Everyone is very respectful an always saying hello to people they don't know.


My classmates are very diverse from all different backgrounds and religions, despite the university being a Christian college: most of them do not seem too highly motivated because most students are music majors or there strictly for sports.


Depending on the class, my classmates are interested in learning but occasionally inattentive and easily distractable; in general education courses, students typically do not pay attention as much as they would in their chosen field.


Awesome, and very engaging people.


They?re some of the most Godly men and women I?ve ever had the privilege of meeting.


My classmates are thirsty for knowledge, desperate for a deeper sense of what it truely means to love, and also relentless in their journey toward a wonderful education.


Most of my classmates are talkative, outgoing, and kind.


Students are friendly, happy, community service minded and committed to academic and personal excellence.


There are many students who are academically rigorous, and an even greater, who are men and women of the Christian faith.