Simpson University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


When I convey to my friends the perks and benefits of Simpson University, I reveal my experiences with my professors, who have an authentic heart for their students. They do not make the courses easy by any means; however, it is their desire to work alongside their students to teach them how to graduate successfully from college in order to go into their future career as fully developed individuals.


How amazing the campus life and the community on campus is due to the fact that its a small school. And the fact that the campus itself is beautiful.


We have much smaller classes than the bigger universities which is a definite advantage because you have more of a relationship with your professors. Also, it is a very beautiful campus :).


Most of the instructors are more understanding and caring than I could every imagine being when I become a teacher myself.


Campus is beautiful and the professors seem to be very excited about the learning process. This makes for very interesting classes.


small class sizes (avg 17:1), how the professors actually want to know you, how our professors actually care, how the students are like family.


The caring, family atmosphere of the college. The size of our cohort. The ASPIRE Program!!!