Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


Everyone is very welcoming. If you need help or have questions there are many upper classmen that are more than happy to answer.


The size of the school is perfect, not too big and not too small.


The campus is beautful. The dorms are very nice. In the suites you get your own bathroom.


The exercise science programs is one of the best. All of the professors are really helpful.


The things I am doing in my major because it is one of the top Exercise Science programs in the country. Also the things I have accomplished in athletics and the things I do with friends on the weekends.


The inexpensive cost.


The professors are incredible, they work hard to see that students understand and are always available at their offices to render assistance as well.


My school has a cohesive community, I brag to my friends that we were able to work together and as a team. We had round-table discussions, it was not just about partying. We wanted to get to know each other and use that to uplift and motivate each other. There was no black and white, we were just the student body.


I brag about how diverse the school is. There are many different people that attend this school. I am not only talking about the color of a person's skin but also their sexual and religious orientations.


I tell them about the nice dorms. They are new, have their own bathrooms, their own kitchen, and are very private. The people are nice, and the school does a very good job matching you up with a good roommate. We also have a really good academic program, whcih draws many students both nationally and internationally to the school


quiet , laid back school


I brag about the education program and ROTC.


I brag about the fun I have here. I'm a dance major and I love being involved in all of the dance things on campus. It helps making friends because we have a lot of classes together. And, and the concerts and rehearsals helps to get to the upper class. It makes us all closer.


The openness on the quad lawn during the fall when you can just spend time outside and study with friends.


I brag about the fact that I have a great off-campus apartment but that's it, nothing else at all.


My major, Safety and Environmental Management, it is a great program here at Slippery Rock. A lot of students who recently graduated have very well paying jobs and I personally know some of them.


At Slippery Rock University, it is well known that Education Majors do well and accell in the real world. Being an education major I brag about recieving the best education avaliable and hoping to do my best in the major. We also brag about our football team in respect to the PSAC division. Our gym equipment is all newer also and is open at convinent hours, allowing students to access the gym whenever.


The overall environment, classes, social life, activities, athletic teams. In a way I like to brag about everything, because this campus is just awesome.


House parties.