Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Anyone could come here, it is a very accomidating school.


If you want to enjoy your time here at SRU you need to be community-oriented, social, and enthusiastic. There are so many clubs and activities going on and there's always a chance to do something good. The volunteer opportunities are endless, and the plus side is you usually get a free t-shirt and food out of it!


People seeking higher education.


I believe that if a person wants to really take themselves seriously, willing to make fantastic, life long friends, that wants a good career, that is a very good academic person, and overall a kind and generous person to all should attend this school.


I think that a person who is interested in exercise science, or someone who is interested in the art department should attend Slippery Rock. Also Slippery Rock has a great education program, so if a person is seeking a degree in education I would recommend Slippery Rock.


Anyone who is looking for a 4-year degree but is concerned with cost of tuition or wants a school that feels like a home away from home.


anyone who is serious about their education


Anyone who needs to get away from the distraction of a bigger city should attend this school. Slippery Rock University is a small town that lets you focus on your school work during the week, but is still close enough to bigger citys to keep you entertained during the weekends.


I think a person who is willing to work hard and is open to new ideas would be perfect for Slippery Rock University. Also, someone who knows what they want out of life and their college experience. Someone who is driven and is ready to work for what they want. Slippery Rock can really help a student achieve their goals but only if they are willing to work.


The type of person that should attend this school are people that want a good education but want to be able to have fun as well. A lot of people at these school are friendly and helpful so a person attending this school should be able to get a long with people. There is also a very good variety of people at this school. So a person attending this school needs to be accepting of others.


The school that I attend is really for everyone. Anyone can find a place to fit in here at Slippery Rock. It is really a melting pot of people no matter what age. I come from a small town and i can say that I have met new and interesting people that I had not ever thought I would meet. If you are a person willing to learn but also willing to have fun this is the school for you!


Party goers or quite indivduals should attend this school. I feel as those everyone has a place where they fit in on the Slippery Rock campus. The surrounding area is a wonderful and friendly community always willing to lend a hand.


someone who wants a good education @a good price


Anyone who likes a rural atmosphere


Someone who works for what they want and wants to get involved with activities on and off campus.




Someone who is very into sports, greek life and semi-small town life-style.


Any one that feels it is a good fit for them. This school welcomes anyone.


The kind of person that should attend this school is one that doesn't mind having to look for something fun to do in your spare time. If you want something to do that's right there in front of your face and don't have to think about it, this school isn't for you. Also, you need to have an open mind, because many people express their views vocally on the campus quad.


I do not believe that Slippery Rock University has a specific ?type? of person that would best succeed in its environment. Many of my fellow students have come from various culturally, ethnic, social economical status, and religious backgrounds. Slippery Rock University has a diverse student population in many ways and allows for all types of students to have potential to succeed. My experiences have proven that any student willing to work hard will succeed at SRU.


Someone who likes an average sized school and a small town.


Slippery Rock University is good for any kind of student because of the broad range of majors offered. The education department is one of the best in the state. People from all around including New Jersey, Ohio, Maryland, New York and other states come here. It is a great value for the quality of education.


any student who is willing to work hard