Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


I think that SRU has a diverse community and that anyone should be able to find a group that they belong to. There are many clubs and organizations that tend to different needs.


Someone who does not enjoy cold, wet weather and the atmosphere of a small town should not attend this school.


Anyone that I looking for a school that is not too big, but not too small. There is a nice campus, so if you like spending time outside it is a good school to go to. The education program is very good.


I believe that if a person are not willing to make friends, not willing to try something new and different, to engage yourself and to try a different studying habit, or to try to change their life for the better should not attend this school.


A person who is interested in the field of engineering would not come to this school, or anything related to that field. Other than that, our university is very well rounded and offers so much to their students.


There are a wide variety of people at SRU from nerds to jocks. So, Slippery Rock is for everyone. Although, whoever attends must not mind rain because it rains a lot compared to where I'm from which is south-central PA.


The kind of person that shouldn't atted this school is somebody who is not going to do the things they need to be successful in the world.


The type of person that shouldnt attend this is school is someone who doesn't know what they want to do with their life. The school is well-known for many undergraduate programs like dance, physical and special education and I feel like thats why a majority of the students come. If you are undecided and don't know what you want to pursue Slippery Rock May not be the best choice.


Someone who is close-minded and doesn't want to be around people of different races and sexual orientation should not attend SRU.


You shouldn't attend here if you're looking for a large town with a variety of entertainment. The campus is 15 min away from the Grove City Outlets, but the closest movie theatre (showing current movies) is an hour away.


There is no specific type of person who shouldn't attend Slippery Rock University. The campus has something to offer every student, as long as they are willing to focus and work hard academically.


People who like big cities and parties.


Someone who's not wiling to work for what they want.


People who favor a fast-paced city life-style should not attend this school. Slippery Rock is pretty laid back and a very small country town. If a person wishes to attend a school with a lot of attractions, bars, clubs, restaurants, and other vendors, then Slippery Rock University is not the school for them.


A person who is into being very active in the community. There is not a lot to do off campus unless you have a car to get around. The community does not seem to be very welcoming to minority students and as a minority student I don't appreciate that.


one that is from a large city


I think someone that shouldn't attend Slippery Rock University is some one that doesn't get involved in activities. Another kind of person that I feel shouldn't attend SRU is if they aren't motivated to excel in their academics. Slippery Rock really tries to get everyone involved and it shows even through group projects, someone who doesn't like to participate, shouldn't attend this school because their just going to bring down their classmates.


Someone who wants to live in the city or likes a large campus.


i think the university needs more minorities so everyone should look at it


I think Slippery Rock University is a perfect campus for a variety of students. They offer over 160 recognized organization to get involved with, very many majors and a large choice of classes to pick from that will suit any preference. They also have many opportunities to learn about diversity and get involved cross-culturally in and out of the classroom. Walking around campus you can clearly see the diverse range of ethnicities, race, beliefs, values and attitudes. Anyone could easily adapt to SRU campus and community culture.


Anyone should attend this school, I think it is a very good university.


Someone who is going to drink every night and focus only on social interaction and not focus on schoolwork.