Snead State Community College Top Questions

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I believe that Snead State Community College is unique by the amount of passionate and caring professors there are. All of the professors strive to make every student have the ability to graduate and move on with their future.


Snead State community college is so unique because it is "Small enough to know your name, but Big enough to shape your futrue". Unlike most schools, Snead is small enough to focus on you as a person and not as a number. As a student you are able to take part in the same extracurricular activities, clubs, and orgamizations that are offered to students at a larger college, but at Snead you get more attention and focus because you are in a smaller group. This is such a great thing because you are able to learn achieve much more.


It's a small school but it has a great learning enviroment.


Snead State is much smaller and closer to home than others schools I considered.