Snead State Community College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about Snead State Community College would have to be its compofortability. Snead is a college in a small town, this makes the campus feel very safe . It also has wonderful teachers, that are always avaliable and always helpful. Snead State teachers are also caring and want the best for their students and want to see them succeed. The comfortability is only one of the best things about Snead State Community College.


The best thing about Snead State is that the faculty is wonderful. They are all so nice and helpful in every way. You never pass a person on campus that isn't smiling or they don't say hi. Snead always has something going on for the students in the Student Union Building. Clubs are always organizing different activies that everyone can be apart of and that makes going to school a lot of fun!


The best thing about Snead State Community College is there "Southern Hospitality"'. In my mind that phrase means one is kind, caring, friendly, and will do all they can to help one another. At Snead State, the school , staff, and students share all of these attributes. The students are kind to one another and really care about each others interests and talents that they have. The school and staff does all that it can for its students to obtain the major they want and to help them prepare for there future, whether that be transferring or starting a job somewhere.


The best thing about Snead State Community College is the amount of opportunities to get involved. There are many academic, awareness, athletic, religious and other types of organizations. Whether you enjoy dressing up to support your team at a basketball game, challenging yourself academically, or just dedicating your time to something you feel strongly about, this is the college for you. Being involved on campus is critical to have the best college experience, so come let Snead State help you have the time of your life!