Sonoma State University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Sonoma State is a small close knit school. The staff and faculty in the kinesiology department were incredibly supportive and fantastic at their jobs. I had a very positive experience here and would recommend it to anyone.


Small safe environment that continues to expand the possiblitites for students by adding more classes, programs or events to engage the students such as the Green Music Center.


Sonoma State is a university that encompasses the total college experience while providing a quality education as well as life long memories.


A white school


Sonoma State is a great campus to be surrounded by beauty and fun loving people.


This is where I found my purpose and my direction with my life because Sonoma State University gave me the opporunities and passion to succeed and find my career and future.


Sonoma State is very business oriented.


My school is small with many students that care about the classes being cut.


Sonoma State University has a relaxed environment thats give it's students the opportunity to learn and enjoy one self.


The town is too small and the people are not friendly.


Sonoma State University has a beautiful campus with most students living on campus, wonderful teachers, and little school spirit.


Sonoma State is small and consists of predominantly white and mostly females. I wish there was more diversity, but considering the diversity it has, Sonoma State tries to incorporate every race and off education about all aspects of life.


my school is small and student oriented. The students and faculty are friendly and come to feel like family. The classes, in the psychology department are engaging, interesting and interactive. I love it here! The school grounds are pretty and there is always something fun going on and if you want to find something to do, there are tons of opportunities on campus and in the surrounding communities. SSU is about 30-45 minutes from San Francisco, the beach and almost everything. There is great transportation too. I am proud to be graduating from SSU. It s a great school!




Very open to ideas and a beautiful campus.


It is a pretty liberal with and is very interested in social justice.


Students are thought to really think and consider different approaches instead of just memorizing facts.


A lot of bang for your buck!!!


Sonoma State is an environmentally friendly campus with many activities for all personalities.


It is very small, not very diverse, suburbian, professors and staff are very helpful, not a lot of things to do off campus, bad transpertation system, housing is really nice but very expensive, classes are usually 25-30 students. not very many sports teams.


A safe place to find out who you are before you go into the real world...


My school is very student friendly.


California State Universtiy in Sonoma


Great envirnoment, facilities, teachers. Student population does not take advantage of great school and tends to underperform, with a major lack of academic motivation.


Friendly and clean.


beautiful campus with great leaning facilities. you will have small classes and the opputunity for your proffesor to know you personally.


Sonoma State is a smaller school but is very beautiful. Best dorms in my opinion out of the state schools I visited in California. Always something to do if you are in Greek life or play a sport. Classes aren't too hard but they are still challenging and the professors are very helpful in helping students learn the material.


beautiful, fun and small


Little party school in the middle of wine country

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