Sonoma State University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates provide exceptional support in educational and social aspects while also creating a campus enviornment where I feel comfortable expressing my own interests and beliefs.


Everyone was either friendly, talkative, uninterested, or kept to themselves.


Eager to learn, most of them are busy with academics, sports, clubs, work and/ or greek life.


I haven't started.


At Sonoma State University the students it's mostly whites, but its diverse.


Classmates are majority Caucasian and from upper middle class families.


Every school is going to have various groups of people. Most often seen at SSU are typical norcal people.




Sonoma has a wide range of students from many different backgrounds. A Sonoma State state student could never be generalized into a certain category.


As I have mentioned before Sonoma State University is a very diverse campus with many different kinds of people. I feel that anyone would feel welcome at Sonoma State University. We have over 150 different clubs and organizations so there should be a place for everyone. If the student feels that there is not a club that completely fits what he/she is looking for then he/she can start there own club. All it takes to start a club is yourself four other students and an advisor.


Most of my classmates are really engaged, most likely because the teachers at Sonoma State University show us that they are extremely passionate with what they are teaching.


My classmates are kind-hearted, thoughtful, individuals who make up for their lack of scholastic abilities and ambition through their positive attitudes and absolute acceptance of others.


There is no diversity in my classmates; the majority are white/Anglo.


Most are nice, and somewhat polite when it comes to learning about the diversity of others. While people enjoyed taking classes together, I didn't feel as "in" because I was not in fraternities and because I am one of the few people who is a single parent, giving me less social time than most.


My classmates have been interesting. I have been in two different majors and feel the people vary according to their career and life goals. In the biology/chem department people are very competitive. But they are still helpfull to their peers. In the kinesiology department everyone is out for themselves and not willing to be helpfull. In the pre-health department everyone is helpfull and friendly. They all want the same thing and bond with eachother about it.




My classmates appear to be goal oriented, yet still unsure of what they really want to do in life. It seems that they're financially stable and don't have to worry about income issues because their family has high economic status.


most seem to consider college is an in and out thing where you go just to get your degree




They're friendly if you need help. Can generally get along with everyone.


My classmates are very young but determined and skillful.


Open and willing to both listen and express their own viewpoints on different subject presented in the classroom.


my classmates are funny, encouraging, and eager to learn.


My classmates were very friendly, and ended up becoming the people that I saw the most since I was a theater major and you spent most of your time in class with them or at the theater in a show with them.


Very laid back.


They are extremely friendly and helpful. I have made so many great friends that I know I will keep for the rest of my life. The only rude individuals I have encountered are the ones in the sororities, they are just stuck-up and completely oblivious to others feelings'.


My classmates are those who are trying to full fill their genreal education for the same major as I am. Some classes are filled with over a hundred students where as others have 40 or more. The majority of the students attend to the class on a regular basis and they seem to interact with the lectures. I feel very comfortable with who I am in class with because I usually make friends with those who sit around me or try to sit with someone I already know.


They're more interested in their lives than the subject matter, so it interferes with seminaring when there are a bunch of anecdotes.


The people who never fit into the mold in high school.




Most students at SSU are either from NorCal (Sacramento area, Bay Area, Stockton Area) or SoCal. You'd be surprised how many kids decide to come up here to SSU from SoCal. Hell, 18 from my graduating class alone came here to SSU...and we don't regret a thing!

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