Sonoma State University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Sonoma State is located in a beautiful town and is great for a college student. It has convenient attractions like the city, bodega bay, and russian river just a short drive away. The campus is the perfect size for a student who doesnt want to be overwhelmed in at a large university but also wants to experience the true college exeperience and meet new people. The classes are a great size that allow each student to feel like a contributing individual rather than becoming lost in the masses. Teachers genuinely care and the peers are as friendly as can be.


Our nursing program and our dorms. It's also known for being in the middle of wine country and being a small California State University.


My school is best known for its humanistic depth psychologogy department, its research and development programs, and its business department.


Sonoma state is known for their small class sizes, comfortable dormitories, beautiful location, and excellent student teacher relations. The small class sizes allow for a quality education from teachers who care about each student. The teachers can make time to help each student individually and they usually remember their student?s names. The dorms are some of the best in the country and the school is located in the middle of beautiful wine country. It is also known to be a mellow campus with students who care more about academics than about drinking and partying.


I'm not sure.


Our school is best known for it's variety of programs offered, giving all students a chance to succed in their own fashion. Business and Nursing are the two departments most sought after by students. Sonoma State is also know for its open anf friendly campus, whether students of staff/faculty everyone is here for one another.


nursing and business programs.


Not sure, but it's becoming very "green".


Sonoma State is very environmentally friendly. There are great classes in each department. This school is very liberal. Some conservatives that attend here have said that this school is more liberal than Berkeley. I don't know if it is true but it very well could be. We are best known for the ratio of men to women. Sonoma State is made up of about 67% women. We also got rid of our footbal team so we could have even funding for female sports. Lastly our mascot was changed to seawolves from cossacks because of the negative ethnic conotation.


Lots and lots of girls!


the departments of Education, psychology, and nursing


Small class sizes and amazing dorms!

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