Sonoma State University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


I think anyone would really like this school it is a laid back environment and very nonjudgemental. It is peaceful and beautiful and you are able to be who you are whether that is artistic or logical. Also since we are small you have the ability to have small classes and really get to know all of your peers.


Anybody who wants to pursue a bachelors degree in Sonoma County.


The ideal student at Sonoma State University is a person who enjoys peace and quiet. Because the school is located out away from any distracting city night life, students are more likely to do well if they are generally calm and collected. For a raging partier, go to a school in a big city. Sonoma is for learning.


A person who loves to be near a lake while doing homework, or sipping on a latte in the rose garden right before heading to there next class would adore the Sonoma State campus. Not only are the instructors supurb, but the campus is breath takingly beautiful.


You should go to Sonoma State if you like getting involved in leadership or school-related events. It seems to me as though a majority of people on this campus are very involved.


People planning on becoming business majors.


One who is interested in being more of a individual and less of a number. the class sizes are small and the professors take the time to get to know who their students are. There are tons of clubs to get involved with including sports related clubs.


This school tends to attract open-minded individuals who are interested in learning beyond any scope of life they may have previously encountered in life with their family and friends. You are exposed to very liberal views which prepare one for the diverse types of individuals one will find herself working with in life. There is a wide array of spritual exposure that is not your mother or father's religion but as an adult, you are presented with a plethora of options, from which you are never forced to decide upon, just look at with an open mind.


A person that would be best suited for this school is someone that does not want a huge school with over populated classrooms. They should also want that personal one on one time with their teachers.


If you are a liberal student, who is looking for a green campus this is the school for you! It is beautiful, green and open. There are many oppurtunities for liberal students here, such as "Project Censored" which is a book published every year by the school. I am a republican and often find my voice ignored in class. If someone is looking for a place to define their liberal, political ideologies Sonoma is for you!


Environmentally concerned individual who is curious and interested in learning. Many of the students at SSU are friendly and motivated to being succesful in their field. The majority of students are liberal and bring a lot of unique personalities to the school.


Sonoma State is a small, beautiful campus. It's definitely a little "out in the middle of nowhere," in the sense that it's located in a small town. If you're a city dweller, this school probably isn't for you. If you like a calm, relaxing environment to learn in, then Sonoma is perfect. If you need that white noise of a bustling city, you might find yourself up late at night unable to sleep and wondering why it always smells like cows on certain days of the week. The sonoma aroma. Don't worry, you'll adjust.


Sonoma State University is an ideal place for any student who is receptive to a somewhat small-school experience while at the same time, is open-minded, creative, and willing to be a part of their community.


Everyone is welcome at SSU


If you grew up in an area with no diversity at all and care about what people think about you, join a sorority or a fraternity here and you're good.


It is such a diverse school that almost anyone would love going here. It is outstanding in arts/humanities, social sciences, business, and hard sciences. The school is not too heavily slanted towards anyone field creates a great chance to meet people with diverse interests. SSU is ideal for students looking for strong connections with professors. When I graduated all of the professors knew my name and were happy to write me letters of reccomendation for law school, if that is what you are looking for SSU is the place for you.


Straight edge, uber conservative, nazi toteing asshole.

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