Sonoma State University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


lack of choice of classes... and computer glitches on registration


Getting the classes that you not only want, but also need to graduate. Also it's a college in the middle of a middle class neighborhood where the neighborhood doesn't really support the college nor the students that go to the University.


that getting classes is tough because of budget cuts and furloughs for the school.


I think the most frustrating thing about my school is how some students argue that there is not enough diversity among students on campus. I know that there is diversity because the people who suggest otherwise are only counting race into diversity. Other aspects that must be recognized are gender, physicality, religious views and other characteristics.


The most frustrating thing about Sonoma State University would have to be the budget cuts. Due to the budget cuts the amount of classes offered are limited and there are campus closures and furlough days throughout the semester. This makes it difficult to graduate in 4 years. The furlough days make classes more challenging because it is up to the students to teach themselves to make up for days off that teachers are forced to take periodically.


You really have to get involved with your neighbors and activities apround school if you want to have a social life. Having fun isn't something that will happen without having to seek it.


trying to register for classes. they fill up way too fast and some people dont get any of the classes they needed. things are getting even worse with the budget cuts because there are even less classes to choose from.


The president and higher figures are now required to make cuts and rise costs for the sake of keeping the University up and running. I wish they showed a bit more human empathy for the hardships the state government and them have now put on us students.


getting the classes you need for your major new 16-unit cap


We have been given a limit on units to take during one semester. Only 16 are allowed, which makes it difficult to register for all classes I would like to take. Also, I am having a hard time declaring my major due to my GPA, although other majors do not require the same GPA. These two issues combined are making it difficult to achieve my degree as soon as I would like, and should be able to.


The commute but that's becuase of where iIlive


I don't think it's just my school, but my generation, it's the content apathy. There's a don't know don't care vibration from the student body, it could be generational. It's also frustrating meeting dumb people who are in the same program as I am, because it makes me feel like the program isn't as good as it thinks it is.


Many services are avalible to most services, but I have seen a few students get the run around and have been hindered rather than helped.


There aren't enough food places on campus.

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