South Carolina State University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Virginia Wesleyan College is best known for its concern to meet the student's needs. This school has a low student-teacher ratio, which creates a small class setting for students and teachers to engage in discussions more so than lectures. Virginia Wesleyan College also offers many extracurricular programs to its students, ranging from athletics to the arts and spiritual outlets. The school's motto: "Bring a Spark, Light a Fire" summarizes the significance of what the individual means to the college because VWC wants interested and enthusiastic students to bring life to the campus.


SCSU is best known for its teacher education department.


Our football team and marching band


Their football team and our marching 101 band


The University of Phoenix (UOP) is best known for older students and its online degree programs. UOP has more than 420,000 students and 78,000 graduate students in North America. It was very easy to gain acceptance because the requirement is an open enrollment type. Hence, by showing proof of a high school diploma, GED, or on the graduate level, proof of a Bachelors gains one acceptance. The University does further assessment based on ones performance during the first two courses. As long as one is performing satisfactorily, the curriculum of choice is continued.


Alumni affliations




School is best known for buisinuess


My school is best known for having dull students not able to broaden their minds and think of fun activities to do on and off campus other then studying. And the students here barely study.


Our school is best known for the availability of a number of majors and success of the programs the Marching Band 101, our sports teams, fraternities, sororities, and homecoming